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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Highlights: Senderos header gives Gunners 5 point edge

Posted by Arsenalist on February 11, 2008

Arsenal 2, Blackburn 0

The Gunners look to open a up a 5 point gap at the top of the Barclay’s Premier League…stay tuned for highlights.

Senderos ‘4 – 1-0: Download

Adebayor ’90 – 2-0: Download

Arsenalist’s Arsenal Feed Match Report

BBC Match Report – Ends up having PG interviews

13 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Blackburn Highlights: Senderos header gives Gunners 5 point edge”

  1. BB said

    Arsenalist you’re the man.

    Thanks and good night

  2. rz said

    dude awsum site yo….i used to watch the games on tv bt um in USA now so i dun get to see much football… i cum to dis site….yea arsenal had a hard tym last year bt dey got sum real guns in da team! n e wayz nice site, um watchin evry match they played

  3. arsenal turk said

    thanx for the vid man

  4. HT said

    hi thanks for the highlights great site, if u really can’t wait to see the goals you can just come to this site, cmon u GUNNERS

  5. huhu said

    ade didnt perform during this match, yet he still scores!!

    good win!

  6. Jnr.D said

    Big up… always on point

  7. Grey Roco said

    The second video has been taken down.

    You still rock, keep it up!

  8. john said

    Though I’m not a fan but I’ve got to respect the way this young Gunners are responding in the Premiership. Now they’re 8 points clear and ohter need to do a lot of catching up. MANU Adebayor is awesome!!!!

    And so is my own MANU….

  9. […] Emmanuel Adebayor then continue his hot streak when he scored in stoppage time to send the Arsenal fans into a frenzy. […]

  10. z said

    awesome job…kip it up. arsenal are doing a good job keeping the top place in the league…

  11. […] Thanks to United dropping 5 points since their Saudi trip, Arsenal are now 5 points clear and level on goal difference with 12 contests to go: Arsenal vs Blackburn Highlights […]

  12. topgoon said

    The MOTD belongs to last year’s Arsenal-Blackburn game

  13. rhino said

    you dont know what your on about!!!!!!typical cockney!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up birmingham city and up man u !!!!!!!!!!!!!fucking prick!!!!

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