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Arsenal vs. Manchester City Highlights: Eduardo with a bicycle kick!

Posted by Arsenalist on February 2, 2008

Manchester City 1, Arsenal 3

The Gunners are back on top after a dominant performance at Manchester City. City threatened midway through the second half but other than that short stretch, it was all Arsenal. Eduardo’s goal was brilliant, great composure shown by the Crozilian after chesting the ball off an Adebayor header, superb finishing. Clichy made a rare mistake on the City goal which was a bummer but the man has been solid all year so we can look past it.

Emmanuel Adebayor is The Top Gun.

What are the chances of the Spurs helping out against United today? Match Report

BBC Sport Match Report – Ends up having post-match interviews Arsenal RSS Feed

Adebayor ‘8 1-0: Download

Eduardo ’26 2-0: Download (Overhead Bicycle Kick)

Fernandes ’28 2-1: Download

Adebayor ’88 ‘3-1: Download

1st Half Highlights: Download

27 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Manchester City Highlights: Eduardo with a bicycle kick!”

  1. yyeann said

    superb goal by Eduardo, fantastic predator’s instinct. lol.

  2. Stu said

    Brilliant goal Dudu! Has really settled in here hasn’t he?

  3. SqueezeyNYGunner said

    awesome win… nice goal from Edu

  4. amadeeo said

    another goal by ade. great form from him… can’t wait to see the goal (thanks so much for the vids…)

  5. David said

    Thanks very much for the videos ,you are a legend

  6. […] it’s the last goal…  It’s no Eduardo masterpiece (from but it’s my first video so I’m excited!  Expect to see more […]

  7. Satans Molester said

    that was not a bicycle kick but it was badass…the dark master loved it..

    senderos is the worst player and gives wenger in the nought after every match… mmmm..nappy nappy time.

    Fuck you bitch
    eat a dick

  8. Gunner8 said

    You are a Legend Toronto Gunner

    Thanks for you effort

  9. henri said

    nice win for not here to commend o the win but on that idiot that calls himself satans you have to be an asshole..i’ll cut your dick off if you mess with me..lucky i dont know you

  10. Geoff said

    Back on top of the league! We can thank the Spurs Scum for drawing with the United Scum.

  11. siren said

    We were excellent! Although we have to be thankful for Man City’s lack of clinical finish as well.

    Thanks for videos! You’re awesome! x

  12. gunnerfan101 said

    thanks for the videos, priceless win.

  13. zed gio said

    Adebayor has really taken the scoring reigns from Henry nicely. I hope he keeps up his scoring form and when Van Persie and Rosicky come back, we are going to win the premier league. I also thought Hleb had a pretty good game, and as always, Flamini and Fabregas are brilliant with passing and are the engines of Arsenal. It would be better if Hleb and Fabregas scored more goals, especially Hleb, he is too selfless and never shoots, instead passing to a teammate instead. Go Arsenal! We will win the premier league! Can’t wait until the game against AC Milan!

  14. […] Arsenal vs. Manchester City Highlights: Eduardo with a bicycle kick! Manchester City 1, Arsenal 3 The Gunners are back on top after a dominant performance at Manchester City. City […] […]

  15. Girma said

    Another great goals from Adebayor. keep it up the gunners.

  16. blizzard said

    Arsenal totally rocked against Man city!! they were so quick, and the goals kept coming in!! DUDU scored an amazing bicycle kick and Adebayor was amazing too…

  17. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I missed the match due to work, but thanks to Arsenalist’s videos & Sirens AWESOME match summary, I felt like I didnt miss much.

    Yea man, Arsenal all di way!!!

    After the ANC is over, dis gonna be the undisputed unstoppable team in the EPL & EUFA contenders!

    One Love!

  18. martin said

    eduardo was off side!!!!!! once again strike of the fly emirate ‘sponsorship’ deal with arsenal and the referees

  19. siren said

    Thanks for the plaudits Gunner_in_Jamaica! I can feel my head swelling lol

    martin – you a Chelsea fan? Is Roman being a scrooge?

  20. hater of arsenal said

    when adebyour scored his ‘tap-in’ goal vs man city 2 feb, his celebration was the same of the one and only CRISTIANO RONALDO WHO IS THE WORLDS BEST PLAYER. he tried doing the stylish celebration but he has to know it only suits one person and that is ronaldo. dont mess with MANCHESTER UNITED AND DONT EVER MESS WITH CRISTIANO RONALDO DOS SANTOS AVIERO

  21. arsenal turk said

    Adebayor anit that bad no more i think he good now but all i know is i like rvp better !

  22. BGD said

    why do manure fans come over here??

  23. […] kepada semua penyokong setia Arsenal terus menyokong dan jangan berlagak walaupun kita masih berada diatas. Masih banyak lagi perlawanan yang perlu diharungi. Kalo korang nak berlagak aku tidak menghalang. […]

  24. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Anyone knows where online (or TV in the US) I can see the France v/s Spain match today??

  25. arsenal turk said

    man u fan suck dick and are gay like there dad

  26. blizzard said

    Man utd lost to Man City!! ha!!!

    we beat them 3-1!!

    P.S. guys, i have an Arsenal blog too.. please visit it!!

  27. Greetings from the Gambia. Your site is filled with interesting talking points and is very enjoyable. Saturday was sad.

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