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Arsenal vs. Fulham Highlights: Adebayor on the double

Posted by Arsenalist on January 19, 2008

Fulham 0, Arsenal 3

Complete domination of Fulham. After the Birmingham result this is exactly what we needed. Adebayor’s two unstoppable headers and a blistering run by Eduardo to find Rosicky put us up 3 goals on an afternoon where we only needed one. Unfortunately Reading couldn’t hold off Manchester United at home and fell 2-0 making the gain for the weekend a +1 in goal differential. I highly doubt it’ll come to that when it’s all over, but it is a gain for the weekend, however small. The GD stands at -6.

Our back four was hardly bothered today and Almunia had to do very little if anything, our midfield dictated the game with Hleb having another phenomenal performance where his prime footwork was on full display. The MOTM had to be Adebayor and his deceptively quick headers which wrong-footed the goalie twice, aren’t you glad Togo didn’t qualify for the ACN?

The RVP injury is bad news, right now we have arguably our most talented player and our best defender out for an extended period of time. It’s critical that the Gunners see this stretch through without further injury or setback.

Up next in the league we have Newcastle at home while Manchester United deals with Portsmouth in Manchester.

Here’s the Match Report and the BBC Match Report which ends up having post-match interviews. Make sure to grab the feed.

MOTD Highlights

Adeabayor ’18, 1-0: Download

Adebayor ’38, 2-0: Download

Rosicky ’81 3-0: Download

16 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Fulham Highlights: Adebayor on the double”

  1. Cannontime said

    Good stuff Arsenalist, within about 5 seconds of Adebayor scoring you have a video up. Literally.

  2. Dirtbag said

    Ace stuff, thanks mate

  3. Kris said

    Fantastic!!…. u r soo fast in posting the links… luv it! keep it up

  4. Aunty said

    Cheers, Arsenalist, you gem …

  5. Lar said

    Best website ever for arsenal goals, I’m from Ireland and cant find them anywhere else.

  6. andrew said

    hey thanks so much for the goal vids

    nice and early, hours before MOTD


  7. Kyaw Pyo Thu said

    I like Gunner .

    I from Myanmar.


  8. NexGen Music Group said


    Extremely Underated :) I’d say less that 5 seconds!

    Much appreciated.

  9. huhu said

    good 3 points gained!!

  10. Aweto said

    now we will need to score more goals than man u

  11. saad said

    welllllllllllllllllllllllllllll done gunnnnnnnners

  12. david said

    ur a legend , thanks for he videos

  13. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Great as usual Arsenalist! yea, I agree, thank goodness Togo didn’t qualify for the ANC.

    I second “Lar” @ comment # 5.

    p.s. Anyone got a comment for the allegations of a Andre Ayew (Marseille) purchase? If true, good buy or bad buy?

  14. Togolese_Gunner said

    I guess it’s how you look at it… :)
    Anyways, KEEP AT IT GUNNERS!!!

  15. Togolese_Gunner said

    And great website, too.

  16. johndevineshaircut said

    Where would I be on a Monday morning without Arsenalist. OOOHHH, give me more, more, mooooorrreeeee!!!!!

    Now, let’s do the yidos on Tuesday.

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