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Arsenal vs. Birmingham City Highlights: Uggghhhh

Posted by Arsenalist on January 12, 2008

Arsenal 1, Birmingham City 1

A bad result for Arsenal, dropping two points at home to Birmingham wasn’t something anybody saw coming. I thought we played a bit too narrow and unnecessarily relied on deep crosses instead of just using the width of the field using our passing. We wasted a few first half chances when Birmingham was playing in awe of us instead of actually playing. In the second half, they tightened up defensively and our offense regressed into taking the easy way out. I thought the introduction of Bendtner was a good idea, probably should’ve come sooner seeing how we couldn’t connect to the end of our crosses all game long.

We didn’t create too many chances in the game and were guilty in the first half of the old Arsenal sin of passing too much and allowing the defense to recover instead of shooting. That’s what makes us good and that’s what bites us in the arse at times. Today it bit us. I thought we were a bit complacent today and almost expected to score at some point in the second half and never soaked Birmingham with enough pressure to put them on their back foot. Instead we hoped to connect on low percentage passes which played right into the hands Birmingham who were there to be broken if we had tested their resolve.

Winning the Premier League is no easy matter and the fight for the top of the table will come down to the last week and those head-to-head fixtures against Man Utd and Chelsea – just like how it’s supposed to be. You’ll find both goals below, just look at them once and forget about this game. Onwards. Here’s the Match Report. Do keep an eye on the Feed.

Emmanuel Adebayor Penalty + Foul on Eduardo ’24: Download

O’Connor ’48: Download

12 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Birmingham City Highlights: Uggghhhh”

  1. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    You know what makes me so disappointed, we played the damn match in total dominance, I mean we’re talking 75% possession and out-numbering B’Ham in shots to goal. I am trying to figure what went wrong. I am thinking along these lines…..

    * Absence of Tomas Rosicky (I’m not sure if it was injury that led to his omission)

    * Theo Walcott starting. I don’t dislike the lad but I thought he was trying too much to take on defenders all by himself and as a result lost possession a few times

    * Why was Sagna substituted? to me he’s one of the better players in regards to successful passes and squares.

    * Overall speaking, I think we could’ve tried taking more shots on goal from long distance instead of trying to dribble into the box.

    Well, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and cheering on Newcastle right now, esp since Liverfools gave up 2 pts to Borough.

    Another quick thought., What do you think of Beckham’s closeness with the Gunners (aside from training with ’em), does anyone think there is something quietly brewing in the making, if so, what are ya thoughts?

  2. arsenalist said

    Sagna was taken off for Diaby so that was more of an offense over defense sub than anything. We needed a goal and decided to apply pressure and it worked a little because Birmingham was pressed into their own half a lot.

    I thought we had a lot of possession but that doesn’t mean we dominated the game, a lot of it was meaningless. As for Walcott, he’s young and makes a lot of mistakes. His development isn’t as freakishly fast as Fabregas and we need to have patience with him. He does try to do a bit too much at times.

    Beckham said a long time ago that he can’t picture himself playing for anybody but Man Utd and I believe him. Besides, I don’t really want him at Arsenal, he’ll hold off developing one of the younger players and he only has maybe one or two good years on him. I don’t think he’s the guy who’ll make the difference in winning a title anyway.

  3. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Well said mi brotha, thanks for the feedback. Sadly, Newcastle rolled over & played dead, allowing ManU(re) to take the top slot. Oh well, lets have a go at Fullham nex week dis time.

    One Love!

  4. kevinbategs said

    This was a disappointing game. I loved that we increased our urgency during the last minutes of the game but i ask myself, why didn’t we have that urgency earlier in the game. MANure is on top now, which i can’t bare but have to leave with.
    On other positives, i think senderos had a great game..i hope he continues like that through out the season.
    Next is fulham which is a must win game if we want to progress.

  5. arsenal turk said

    for me that was a bad game to lose now man u are top arsenal need to win game like this

  6. Anon2222 said

    It was definitely a disappointing result for Arsenal. That’s football sometimes. I hate the thought of Man U being on top now. Hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.

  7. Belly said

    Rosicky got sick last night, but that’s not enough an exucse for dropping two points.
    I felt the only one really had a good game was Phillipe Senderos(it’s a good thing if we miss Kolo too much at the back too). Hleb was well below his normal level, and maybe Theo focused training on being a center forward(he kept doing that turn and go thing against Quedrue).
    Birmingham defence was exceptional, particularly Liam Ridgewell. I don’t remember any crosses got to our to tall strikers. But really from all those possessions we should have got something out of this game.
    Finally we have an one-week no-game rest and hopefully the squad can recover from fatigue, Rosicky and RVP(The Arseblog Arsecast has a pretty good new feature on him) will be back.
    Come on you Gunners!!!

  8. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I know this might sound a bit way off, but what are your (anyone) thoughts about playing 3-5-2 with Gallas as sweeper, Toure & Senderos as stoppers, Flamini anchoring midfield, with Sagna, Cesc, Rosicky & Eboue in a little ahead (of Flamini) then Adebayor & Eduardo up front?

    I said Sagna in midfield cause in my opinion, I think he makes good squares and is equally a defender as a winger just like Eboue.

    I came up with this thought, because I thought something was missing in the midfield in that match, I mean, at one time I thought Adebayor was playing midfield seeing he had to be running back and winning balls.

    Come on people, think it out thoroughly and let me have some feedback.

    One Love!

  9. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I forgot all about Hleb, ok so Sagna is the sub, or someone else, man i dont know, jus let me know what you think about the 3-5-2 and if possible, who would you use & where.

  10. arsenalist said

    I don’t think out backs are that great to play only three in the back, especially with Toure on ACN duty. Do you honestly want Senderos to have more responsibility? He can barely handle the job right now. Besides, stuffing 5 in the midfield doesn’t help us that much anyway because Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky do most of the handling there anyway making things a little redundant. I’d rather see us experiment (not that there’s really need to, we are tied for top of the table) with a 4-3-1-2 kinda like what AC Milan does and see how we fare with that.

    Also, Sagna is a back and should stay there. I don’t want anymore bak-turned-midfielders, Eboue is enough.

  11. huhu said

    hail clichy…

    walcott as always, overplayed the ball. n hleb didnt performed well..

    with a tight situation rite now, we cant afford another game like dis!

  12. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Anyone got a comment for the allegations of a Andre Ayew (Marseille) purchase? If true, good buy or bad buy?

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