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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (Carling Cup Semi Final): Eduardo finds Walcott, Walcott finds net

Posted by Arsenalist on January 9, 2008

Game Notes:

– Berbatov’s boyfriend was the commentator.

– Djourou and Senderos make me nervous. I’d rather have Sol Campbell than these two dicking around in the back.

– Denilson has trouble filling Fabregas’ shoes. Not really a surprise but the difference in quality is huge.

– It’s funny how right-footed Abou Diaby is.

– Second straight game where Eduardo’s picked out a run to perfection.

– The Theo goal was four inches away from being a handball, check the video.

– There wasn’t a doubt whether we’d come back despite playing like horse manure for about 88 minutes of this game.

– The Traore freekick from just outside the box made my go “Ughhhh”

Match Report.

– Make sure to catch grab the feed.

Short Match Highlights (not English)

Jenas ’37: Download

Walcot ’79 Download

Here’s an entire stretch of play which contains the Theo goal:

13 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (Carling Cup Semi Final): Eduardo finds Walcott, Walcott finds net”

  1. nolaboyd said

    Good lord, Arsenalist, Walcott scored almost 20 mins ago! tick-tock, tick-tock….

  2. Kar said

    Whoo, how did we get away with that? Senderos and Djourou better be looking for alternative careers cos they could soon find themselves out of the day job.

  3. Theo said

    good work mate, thanks for the goals and keep up the good work.

    we played terrible but we still got a draw. im confident we’ll win in the second leg. i hope gallas plays cos something has to be dun about dat defence

  4. Passenal said

    Thanks for posting the goal, I was up the other end so couldn’t see it too well, just glad it went in.

    Not vintage Arsenal, but no victory for the Spuds again suits me fine.

  5. AmericanGooner said

    Wooo….that was a very close game. Djourou’s loan spell at birmingham made him even worse..soo horrible today. as many have said, djourou senderos partnership is very scary.
    Actually, hoyte kinda did good when put at CB. As for diaby,looked like he was auditioning for a joga bonito commercial..kept giving away balls unnecessary..he was atrocious as well today. We were actually very lucky we didn’t concede a stupid goal..we were very lucky today. hope we can produce something at WHL. Oh and btw, we are looking at the same squad to play the 2nd leg..wenger said he wont make any changes or add any first teamers.

  6. belly said

    i thought senderos is shaky enough..
    but now another swiss bomb ready to explode any time…
    please come back early kolo

  7. […] Stadium with a victory. Theo Walcott scored a fluke goal to cancel out Jermaine Jenas opener. It ended all square 1-1 with all to play for in the second leg at White Hart […]

  8. Bonnie Prince Charlie said

    Hey, you said it was four inches from being a handball — it actually *was* a handball. Look at your highlight video, starting at around 50 seconds. From this angle, it’s obvious that the ball doesn’t bounce off his chest but comes straight off his hand, which is swinging from his stride.

    Hilarious. Poor Spurs.

  9. jonny said

    i dont understand? i thought an offside is a pass thats executed behind the last defender? maybe im mistaken but can someone clarify this because i thought the pass from keane to jermaine was from an offside position o.O

  10. khalil said

    thank you for posting this vedio..i knew an equalizer was coming, but we can’t go into second leg with that kind of performance, can we??? now we have three players out for ANC ,three more injured from yesterday’s game (including Van persie)… something solid has to be done on the squad.. am also wondering if it is this same young team that will play chelsea in the carling cup final??? hope not.we need to win this cup first to keep our morale up.

  11. gunner08 said

    jonny if u read this wot is aloudd to happen iss once a striker passes the last defender his aloud to pass the ball but it has to goo bak if u look at the replay keane angled the pass bak witch is aloud

  12. Not a gunner08 fan said

    gunner08 you should never ever be aloud to watch a football match again, let alone comment on it. Keane’s pass was from outside the pass and recieved on the penalty spot. Meaning the pass was forwards.

    (The actual reason it was aloud is because Jenas was behind Keane’s at the moment Keane struck the ball.

  13. fanatico said

    No wonder even henry is also admired to this club….

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