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Arsenal vs. West Ham United Highlights: Eduardo’s learning The Arsenal Way

Posted by Arsenalist on January 1, 2008

Arsenal 2, West Ham United 0

I think Eduardo’s time on the bench has served him well. He’s seen how Arsenal play and has had time to “practice” with the Carling Cup squad and is ready to apply his skill in the first team. The skill was always there and it was just a matter of him learning how to position himself in order to receive service and learn the tendencies of the midfield players. Now that he’s learned how to play with Fabregas and Rosicky he’s timing his runs to perfection and the goals are coming at a rapid rate. Obviously he’s not going to keep scoring three goals every couple games but it’s evident that the chemistry that was earlier missing is now there to stay.

Eduardo’s finishing at Dinamo Zagreb and with the international team has been clinical and he’s starting to reproduce that ability with Arsenal. The most impressive part about him to me is his composure when he receives the ball in the box, he knows exactly what he wants to do and goes about doing it like a pro. The transition from the softer Croatian league to the trenches of the Premier League seems to be on its way to completion. With Adebayor in form and Eduardo picking up the slack, RVP can take all the time he wants to recover knowing that when he comes back there will be competition for the 2 in the 4-4-2. Hopefully we’ll never see that blasted 4-5-1 Arsene Wenger used earlier in the year, we’re the classic 4-4-2 team and should stick with it through feast or famine.

The Gunners stay on top and start the year in style. Adebayor’s dance is also back, see the video below and form an opinion of it.

Update: Link to exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s the match report. Be sure to grab the feed. Arsene Wenger and Alan Curbishley’s post-match interviews can be heard in the BBC’s match report.

Eduardo ‘2 Download

[livevideo id=4F17650E4ED04440B17A508C019FE28E]

Adebayor ’18 Download

[livevideo id=2A0ADF2FC92640EDBC42D35256AE13FF]

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12 Responses to “Arsenal vs. West Ham United Highlights: Eduardo’s learning The Arsenal Way”

  1. fourstar said

    Great stuff! Although the Adebayor link seems to, er not be…? Sorry, but thought you’d want to know…

    Happy New Year sir.


  2. nolaboyd said

    Happy new year, and great to have you back, especially on a day when the streams are acting up.

  3. ama said

    thank you so much for this site. please keep the embedded screenings going! you are a legend.

  4. Grey Roco said

    It looks like Eduardo’s 6 month adjustment period is over. Dudu is the Crozillian Robbie Fowler!

    Sweet goal!

  5. haaris said

    wicked how the hell did adebyor get that shot shit that was nang brov and edurdo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sex Fabregas said

    oh man, that adebayor goal looked so amazing. then the hilarity that ensued with the celebration is just epic.

    good work arsenalist =D

  7. […] with a 2-0 victory over West Ham. West Ham started poorly as they conceded an early goal through Eduardo who put the Gunners ahead in the second minute, finding space in the box to whack the ball into the bottom corner. A start […]

  8. huhu said


  9. Keep the goals coming plz!

  10. Oh … great title for the post too! ;)

  11. Adebayor said

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  12. Fitness Reader…

    […]Arsenal vs. West Ham United Highlights: Eduardo’s learning The Arsenal Way « Arsenalist[…]…

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