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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (North London Derby)

Posted by Arsenalist on December 22, 2007

Arsenal 2, Tottenham 1

Big it up for The ‘Munia. Keane, eat that shit and Berbatov, you can just go back to sleeping with teenage boys just like you were. The scum think they can get points on us, eh Chimbonda? The fucker was actually “confident” before the game, doesn’t he know what the history here is? Doesn’t he watch TV?

Anyway, this game was on Canadian TV so no need to watch it on a 4 inch screen on Sopcast, but I’ve searched long and hard on the internets (yes, all of them) and have found something:

Match Report.

Arsene Wenger Post-Match Interview

Adebayor ’48

Berbatov ’64

Bendtner ’75

Manuel Almunia Penalty Save on Robby Keane

15 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (North London Derby)”

  1. Boschhater said

    thnx man u rock

  2. Niyo said

    You are the man! The game was not on TV here in BC. How about the penalty save and Spurs goal??

  3. Niyo said

    bless you, buddy!

  4. Geoff said

    Absolutely fantastic! Was at the match today – so happy Almunia saved the penalty!!!

  5. Non Edible Nacho said

    4 inch sopcast? You know you can go full screen by double clicking, do you?

  6. arsenal turk said

    thanx man safe

  7. arsenalist said

    @Non Edible Nacho: The resolution sucks if you make it full screen.

  8. Grey Roco said

    Looks like Toure got a bit of the ball on the penalty call. The Almunia save was pure justice.

  9. Al the Gooner said

    Thanx buddy… Where would we be without you!! Fantastic result against a scummy shit side like Spurs!!

  10. […] Arsenal were 2-1 victors over their London rivals Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium. Arsene Wenger timely substitution by taking out Emmanuel Eboue and putting on Nicklas Bendtner proved to be the vital difference. […]

  11. jim said

    You are the man. As usual, get us the highlights.

  12. stevo said

    top man – however have a re-think on your Lehmann over Almunia theory. I have a feeling we will never see Lehmann in goal again for Arsenal

  13. arsenalist said

    stevo, subconsciously I still haven’t forgiven him for the second goal in the Champions League final. But he was huge today and has been all year. You might be right about Lehmann, all signs point to his exit.

  14. pinhead said

    5-1 you W@nkers, have that!

  15. f9f611583cf8…


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