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Arsenal vs. Chelsea Highlights: Gunners show grit as Gallas rises to the challenge

Posted by Arsenalist on December 16, 2007

Arsenal 1, Chelsea 0

The impressive defensive stand in the second half showed the true mettle of this Arsenal team. Chelsea did everything they could to get that elusive equalizer but we were up to the task, from Almunia to Adebayor we did enough to keep them at bay and still manage to produce counter-attacks that deserved much better finishing. But the bottom line is we rose to the challenge of Grand Slam Sunday and got a pressure win knowing that anything less would result in a reverse in the standings. As almost expected, Captain William Gallas provided the needed score in typical Gallas fashion – on a header in traffic. I don’t know why the commentators (clearly very big cunts) kept attributing the goal to a Petr Czech “mistake” rather than a rising Gallas who read the cross perfectly. I don’t know much about English commentators but they don’t seem to be as friendly towards Arsenal as they are towards the other members of the big four – maybe because of our foreign content?

It was good to see Arsenal play their game and not get lulled into a boring ping-pong match which Chelsea wanted to play. Sure, they disrupted our midifield’s passing at times but it didn’t stop us from mounting enough pressure that Chelsea was entirely content to play in their half and get whatever they can on semi-counters. Hleb, Flamini and Fabregas all looked rusty but that was to be expected and it wasn’t surprising to see some off-color passing on the part of Flamini and Fabregas. Gallas and Toure were clearing any danger that Chelsea presented while on the other end of the pitch Adebayor was playing the role of playmaker rather than target-man which doesn’t suit him well and the real attacking was done by Flamini and Hleb with Eboue/Sagna having their say by supplying through balls from the sides. Aside from being a little too elaborate on certain runs, the Arsenal attack performed well in the fist half and was punctuated by a Gallas header off a Fabregas corner which in itself came about after a determined run by Rosicky.

We had two goals disallowed, a phantom Adebayor foul and a questionable offside decision. Aside from those two we missed about three sitters and by sitters I mean SITTERS. Luckily for us it didn’t come back to bite us. This post is devoid of any mention of Cuntley (except this one) because him and his face-punching ass doesn’t deserve any ink, even in a Canadian blog. I’m just ecstatic that we have Gallas and they have the biggest dog-turd on the planet.

Any Chelsea attacks were the result of unforced giveaways in midfield which doesn’t concern me much because it was mostly due to the players coming back. In short, we played our game in the first half and deservedly got a score out of a well executed set-piece. In the second half, Chelsea expectedly came attacking and we showed our defensive mettle. It looks to be a two-horse race in the Premiership. Richard Jolly figures Liverpool is done. Robin van Persie’s introduction brought an immediate threat to our counter attacks and quantified just exactly what we were missing against Sevilla, Newcastle and Middlesbrough. The race is on and the Gooners seem to be back in prime form. Third Gen’s comprehensive match report covers it all. Feed.

Match Report.

MOTD Highlights

Gallas ’45: Download

[livevideo id=57659DBEFB404C3C849228D10537576D]

Arsenal Chances

Alex Mistake (Min 12)
Click Here for Video
van Persie Chance (Min 75)
Click Here for Video
Arsenal Disallowed Goal (Min 85)
Click Here for Video
Arsenal Disallowed Goal (Min 89)
Click Here for Video

Chelsea Chances

Wright-Phillips Shoot (Min 13)
Click Here for Video
Shevchenko Shoot (Min 37)
Click Here for Video
Terry Injury
Click Here for Video
Wright-Phillips Miss (Min 75)
Click Here for Video
Shevchenko FreeKick (Min 92)
Click Here for Video

13 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Chelsea Highlights: Gunners show grit as Gallas rises to the challenge”

  1. Tony said

    I think someone has to let Adebayor know he is not Henry and he should stop trying to play like him by going to the left wing and trying to orchestrate attacks, because he just cannot pass the ball as well. He is rather a lot more effective when he just stays forward. Does anyone feel me on that?

  2. khalil said

    this is our season arsenal fans….

  3. gech said

    It was a great match

  4. jay said


  5. […] Arsenal vs. Chelsea Highlights: Gunners show grit as Gallas rises to the challenge The impressive defensive stand in the second half showed the true mettle of this Arsenal team. Chelsea did everything […] […]

  6. gunner28 said

    Anybody know where i can see full match highlights cos i missed the game. Arsenalist can you help with this? Thanks for the vid by the way

  7. arsenalist said

    gunner28, they’re not out yet. I’ve updated the post with some miniclips though.

  8. Colin said

    arsenalist, you’ve watched enough matches to know by now the English media are just haters (not to mention their referees)

  9. huhu said

    manU think they can be on top of the table… no chance!!

  10. Belly said

    cole is too much of a cu*t with that punch or something on cesc
    f*ck off cole

  11. arsenalist said

    Linked the MOTD Highlights.

  12. gunner28 said

    Thanks a lot my canadian broda!!!

  13. Aweto said

    Cole shuld be banned!!!

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