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Need more reason to hate Darrick Martin?

Posted by Arsenalist on December 3, 2007

Charlotte Bobcats 79, Toronto Raptors 98

Darrick Martin just gave us another small little reason to hate him. He did the “professional” thing and left the score frozen at 98 when the fans were chanting “Pizza, Pizza” louder than they were “Let’s go Raptors” all evening. The pizza situation was the only one in question after the Raps shook off that excruciating Washington loss and emptied all their weaponry on the Charlotte Bobcats who remind me of a “Whatever happened to…” team. You know, as in whatever happened to Derek Anderson or whatever happened to Othella Harrington or even whatever happened to that guy Oakley bitch-slapped. Chuck’s wondering why the Bobcats haven’t taken off in the Charlotte basketball-bred community, I can offer two possible reasons. First, they’re called the Bobcats and second, they have bright orange uniforms. A tough measure to overcome for any franchise.

The Raptors confuse me, they really do. They had no business blowing out the ‘Cats (not calling them Bobcats anymore) and yet despite not having Bosh, Bargnani or Ford, they dominated leaving little doubt in the outcome of this game from the first quarter onwards. The only challenge the ‘Cats mustered was three straight threes to start off the third but after that things went back to normal and by normal I mean Calderon/Delfino/Humphries wreaking havoc on both ends of the floor and Jamario Moon doing his thing on the defensive end. Even Joey Graham came off the bench to score a violent 13 which included two possible Sportscenter Top 10s (and I mean the real Sportscenter, not that TSN crap). There was also a Gerald Wallace/Jamario Moon Alabama reunion going on in the side, we’ll give this one to Moon who altered enough shots that they should really start counting them in the boxscore somehow.

I know it’s a total cliche but this was a total team effort with six guys in double figures and some unbelievable help defense that was too good to be true. Now I know it’s hard to replicate the offensive success against Phoenix coming up but I’m looking forward to the same defensive commitment, especially on the weak side. Never did a Raptor get beat tonight without a help defender coming over to challenge the offering. Defense is a joy to watch when played right and tonight, albeit against the ‘Cats, we were in fine, fine form. We even managed to lockdown professional Raptor-killer Jason Richardson who was held scoreless in the first half and ended up with a harmless 12; the only person to cause us any concern at any point was Jared Dudley with his hustle but that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. But to quote The Wolf from Pulp Fiction:

Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet.

It’s only the ‘Cats and nothing to get ecstatic about, I would’ve been much more pumped if we had eked out that Wizards win rather than this slaughtering of the lambs. Let’s give a little credit to Kris Humphries though, the man is always ready to play and although he might frustrate you with his uncalled for 18 footers, he does play hard and usually makes the right decision on both ends of the floor. The mystery to me is Juan Dixon, I’ve lost track of the DNPCDs, if you’re not going to get PT now then when are you? Sam sure does run a pretty solid dictatorship.

I’m thinking of making these posts the day after the game so that I can include some links to newspapers etc, meh, we’ll see. Thanks for reading, grab the feed.

13 Responses to “Need more reason to hate Darrick Martin?”

  1. Red Rebounder said

    I was at the game and I know it might not seem like much but I was pissed at Martin for not at least heaving one up….I know it’s a little thing but fans pay good money and want a little something at the end of the night. I can afford my won pizza but still, would’ve been nice.

  2. arsenalist said

    Yeah, it just irked me cuz you know the fans wanted it and it would’ve been harmless to attempt a shot. No biggie I guess.

  3. Frederik said

    sick game by the whole squad. amazing slams by joey g and a great game overall. i hope they are going to show similar effort against phoenix. it’s time to beat a team like that.
    I have a german raptors blog and wanted to ask whether you might be interested in a link exchange???

  4. Raps Fan said

    the defense was incredible. one thing the raptors did really, that was killing them earlier in the season was weak side help on the screen. carroll and richardson were kept in check. i have nothing bad to say about the game. looked like we were watching a polished team making a run for the east…maybe i am shooting a bit, but that’s what it felt like when i caught a few minutes.

    as for krispy kreme…errr, martin…i actually thought it was pretty professional that he didn’t hoist one up at the end, for two reasons:

    1. he wouldn’t have hit it
    2. it shows good sportsmanship

    i dont know if you remember the orlando/philly game a couple years ago. brian shaw was 1 assist shy of a triple double, so with like 7 seconds left, orlando calls a time out, and runs a play for him to get his triple double. it really disgusted me. no need to ad insult to injury, even when pizza is on the line.

  5. Sam is COY said

    I’m with Raps Fan on it. They should have gotten the 100 earlier.

    I like that squad last night. No one person became the focal point on offense, which makes players play harder on the defensive end.

    With no disrespect to our franchise players, when they have the ball, it is mostly an iso play (CB4), jump shot (bargs), or drive and miss (TJ), oops, I meant drive and dish, or is it toss and hope it falls in? sorry, I digress. What I mean is that, last night, everyone knew they were going to get a piece of the action, and they all proceeded to spread the wealth.

    I mean, I think as a player, it is hard to watch your best players clang the rim and still play to get yourself back into the groove, when you know/feel that you can make a contribution.

    BTW, anyone else question why a couple of games ago Bargs was player of the games when Delfino played better?

    Calderon — AP/Kapono — Delfino/Joey G — Moon — Nesterovic/Hump

  6. jjdynomite said

    I like your write-ups, Arsenalist. Being at the game, I have one comment to add. The ‘Cats were missing TONNES of open jumpers, it was truly “iron unkind”.

    For example, Jose wasn’t playing THAT great D on Felton (does he ever play good D?) but Felton was just clanging, one after another. It says more about the ‘Cats immaturity not willing to take it inside than any D on the Raptors’ part, but Okafor was in foul trouble. But I’ll take a win over free pizza.

    Against a better team (i.e. tomorrow), I highly doubt it would be a blow-out with Bosh, Bargs and TJ out of the line-up.

  7. arsenalist said

    @Frederik: Link added

    @jjdynomite: Thanks. I did notice their in-and-outs and we were a little lucky that those shots didn’t go in but the way the Raps were playing D, I don’t think it would’ve mattered. Looking forward to PHX.

  8. john said

    Could I get some comment here please

  9. coach said

    dixon is better than the human bobblehead – darrick martin . why he is not playing , i can’t understand.

  10. […] might as well go grab some pizza. Of course, thanks to Darrick Martin, I have to pay for it. […]

  11. john said

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m very happy yo know that you love Argentina. Looking forward to more future conversation with you.

    Let’s hope both DELFINO & The Raptors will go all the way.


  12. Eddy said

    it’s official. dixon is sam’s bitch.

    any word on who will be playing tomorrow. i’ll be at the game tomorrow so it’ll be good if we got our whole squad ready

  13. Jmoon said

    Darrick Martin is an idiot.. the other team was heated and took it out on jose.. i would have made the three.. these fans are the ones paying for everything you own.. and how could you bitch out like that.. its not for the free pizza is for the idea.. ive been to games where we go over 100.. free pizza and i never get it.. its the atmosphere that he ruined..

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