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Back to .500 after beating Da Lowly Bulls, must-wins against Memphis and Cleveland coming up + Must we tie 18M at the 1 spot?

Posted by Arsenalist on November 25, 2007

Chicago Bulls 78, Toronto Raptors 93

If you can’t beat the Bulls at home these days your team probably deserves to be in the NBDL. A relatively easy 93-78 win over Chicago at home puts us back at .500 with Memphis and Cleveland coming up at home. There’s not much to say from this game except maybe Jamario Moon’s Scottie Pippen-like game where his defense was forefront for most of the afternoon. I guess I could sing the praises of Moon’s defense for an entire post but if you’ve even seen a few games this year you’ll know what I’m talking about. The important thing now is how do we perform against two other beatable teams at home in the next week.

Our shoddy perimeter defense allowed Kirk Hinrich who’s been in a season long funk to actually get out of it and knock some threes down. But the Bulls overall missed tons of wide open jumpers so unlike Cleveland, it didn’t come back to haunt us. Calderon who had an otherwise stellar offensive game (19 points and 14 assists), tends to drift a little too much on defense leaving his man open. However, Calderon is playing so well that it’s hard to imagine that his trade value can get any higher, prompting the conversation below on GMail talk between me and another Raptors fan. Calderon’s will likely demand around 9M per when he becomes a free agent and I just don’t see the Raptors tying up 18M in the point guard spot.

7:00 PM A: seriously
how good is he
me: scottie pippen
7:01 PM A: i saod seriously
he’s not scottie
me: scottie pippen-like defense
at least for the past few games
7:02 PM i’d say he’s a stacey augmon type defender but with more ahtleticism
his jumper is streaky, it’s got a little kink in it
but it goes in pretty often. weird
7:03 PM A: yeah u know i havent seen much of him man
6 blocks though
me: he has great recoverability on defense
A: pogo stick
me: he can actually fall for the fake and even then contest the shot on the real attempt
7:04 PM i don’t see joey graham ever playing for the raptors again
A: no
i dont see him playing inthe nba
we knew calderon was good
me: well, i thought his brother was pretty bad but he’s got an nba spot
A: now calderon knows calderon is good
i’d trade TJ man
me: calderon’s trade value will never be higher
7:05 PM i say we trade him?
A: how high do iu think it is
i like caldeon man
me: what player are we targetting?
A: ok so chicago saw first hand today
Luol Deng straight up
me: right now, who do you want on this team
luol deng is in contract talks and turned down like 50+ mil
it’s the same situation as calderon
7:06 PM A: calderon is going to get 9 mil
me: easily
A: im pretty aure he will
and the raps wont let him go
u think they would
me: kristic is unhappy in new jersey
says he’s “lost and confused”
7:07 PM A: Rasho > Nenad
me: naaah?
Nenad is a potent offensive force
he reminds of rony seikally a little
A: he’s a shooter
not a post up
me: i take that back, not a potetn offensive force but a rony-seikaly type offensive force
7:08 PM nenad’s got some post moves
A: we could dpo better than krstic man
maybe a package
me: man, you know who’s on a tear and i always though highly of him even thoug he’s a dick
Richard Jefferson
7:09 PM RJ >> VC
A: Zarar: man, you know who’s on a tear and i always though highly of him even thoug he likes dick
Richard Jefferson
RJ >> VC
me: but i don’t think a divisional trade is good for us
A: Fixed.
me: his gayness aside, he’s a pretty damn good player.
7:10 PM A: injury prone
me: no he’s not
ok, what player do you want to see on the Raps?
A: marion would be perfect
me: PHX dosn’t want Calderon though, they already got barbosa
A: actually,, need a go to guy
7:11 PM me: ok, if camby is available we shoudl grab him
A: boston
needs a pg
me: seriously man, we dont’ even need to give up calderon for camby
A: dude
camby is a beast
me: trade calderon to boston? are you out of your mind?
A: yeah
me: why dont’ we just hand boston the EC crown
A: ur right
7:12 PM they have it already
me: the idea is to move UP in the division
A: u think denver would want him
7:13 PM me: for sure
A: have AI go tback to the 2
me: who’s there backup PG?
A: watson
i thnk
me: Chucky Atkins
7:14 PM A: enuf said
but they may like ai at the point
he isnt going aywhere as a backup
i think the league is realizig he is a starter
7:15 PM me: orlando?
even jameer nelson’s stepping up though
A: im as scared of orlando as i am of boston
me: I GOT IT
A: with calderon it would be game over
me: I GOT IT
7:16 PM philly, miller is on the block and we could get dalembert
get it done bc
A: for andre
me: na man, for dalembert. throw in andre in there for fillers
his trade value is not high
7:17 PM dalember would look good on this team.
A: andre miller??
me: i dont’ even care if he’s not a goto guy
A: he’s a good pg man
me: dalembert man
he’s allright
or those golden state dudes
A: yeah
al harrington
me: Biedrisn
harrington? hell no
A: yessss
7:18 PM i like biedrins
me: biedrins is the guy that can make a difference
Or to a lesser degree, Pietrus
A: hmm
not satisfied
7:19 PM dalembert sounds good
but he’s not a post up threat
not many guys are thugh
its a lost art
me: man, he can give us like 10 extra shots a game just based on his activity around the rim
plus bosh won’t have to worry about rebounding as much and he’ll be more fresh to shoot those pretty little 18 footers
7:20 PM A: i think we can upgarde on the 2,3 and 5 obviosuly
me: i’m happy with ap at 2
he’s a durable guy. even 3 looks like it’s kinda sorted out with moon but could be better. 5 definitely
A: u need a another prime time scorer
7:21 PM me: anybody on the hawks?
A: if i had josh smith
i would buy season tickets
me: marvin williams
A: i like him too
me: childress?
A: he’s actually got fundamentals
7:22 PM get him now before he maxes his potential
energy guy
thats about it
me: this might be getting outta hand, maybe we should just sign calderon
but man, 9 mil for a backup PG?
thats a bit much
7:23 PM A: 18 mil tied up into 1 position
7:24 PM dude
me: Elton Brand?
A: can we dream
7:25 PM i thought about elton
we have a 4
i like kevin martin
me: rockets need a pg
A: i think he is underrated
rockets man
7:26 PM i knew there was a team
who do they have though
me: but they to nothing we want
7:27 PM i always liked brendan haywood
A: atl needs a pg man
i like their talent
me: yeah, atl is an up and coming
A: i dont think they would part with josh smith
me: nope. marin williams, mabye….maybe
A: mayybe marvin
me: i mean realisticaly the hawks can’t resign everybody on that team
7:28 PM anywyas, i gotta go eat dinner
you coming on wed right?
A: yeah lets do wed
we’ll talk on Tuesday
me: cool. 7pm start
A: don e

This game was on CBC and the sideline reporter had the balls to ask Jamario Moon after the game whether he knew who Dr. J was, it was somewhat embarrassing. Even if he meant it sarcastically it totally came out like he was being dead serious, thus making him look like an idiot. I know this is a weak post but I invite you to get the feed anyways.

5 Responses to “Back to .500 after beating Da Lowly Bulls, must-wins against Memphis and Cleveland coming up + Must we tie 18M at the 1 spot?”

  1. john said

    iguodala + dalembert for ford + bosh.

  2. Red Rebounder said

    biedrins for calderon, get ‘er done BC

  3. Raps Fan said

    hey, at least you got an article up. i had absolutely nothing to say. calderon had his best game, moon had his best game, defense was tight. usually things still lingered, but that’s going to linger. my only knock was that they gave the bulls too many chances to get into the game. a better team would have done something against the raptors last night (see cleveland).

    john: i would honestly stop watching the raptors, close my blog, and move my support to another team if bc pulled a trade like that.

    red rebounder: i think we can get more for calderon than biedrins.

  4. Lopez said

    ^^^ R u serious?? Iguodala and dalembert for ford and bosh?? Hahaha We all know u’ll never be a gm!

  5. Sam is COY said

    LOL, might as well throw in … Gasol+Navarro and swap of 1st picks for TJ and Bosh … add Joey G for Nash+Marion

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