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Lucky Liverpool earn a pathetic undeserved point

Posted by Arsenalist on October 28, 2007

Arsenal 1, Liverpool 1

We deserved to win this one 3-1 at the minimum, Bendtner missed the open net late after Fabregas’ shot off the post fell right to his feet. Arsenal dominated this game and Liverpool’s possessions were meaningless and rarely threatening, the goal they got was off a 50-50 freekick where our wall let us down. Almunia couldn’t do anything and we conceded early but even so this game had that 3-1 feel from the beginning with Arsenal attacking right after the Gerrard goal.

Arsenal’s performance was impressive with the only miscues being some mistimed passes by Flamini/Fabregas/Hleb but other than that we were solid. The most frustrating thing about this game was…….you guessed it…..Ade-f**in-bayor. I lost track how many times he was caught offside in the first half on threatening sequences. When he did attack Hyppia/Carragher, it was always hesitant moves that were slow in developing. The quick-thinking that Fabreags/Hleb/Rosicky have seem to be completely missing from Adebayor. His first and second touches have never been great and today he showed just that while underlining the difference between Henry and him. Or for that matter RVP and him. The quality of our midfield goes to waste when Adebayor has piss poor games like this.

Arsenal were solid on all fronts, even Gallas making a brilliant goal-saving block on Gerrard late on after we had tied but before Bendtner blew his chance. Bakari Sagna is a center-back that I want to see at Arsenal for years to come, he’s a mean muthafucka who will strike fear into the hearts of opposing strikers for years to come, what a great signing by Le Boss. Emmanuel Eboue was the only player other than Ade that had a subpar game, his crosses were off-target and he was unable to provide anything meaningful from the right side. Carragher elbowed him in the face in Liverpool’s box but the referee turned a blind eye to it, maybe the knock did him in.

A bit surprised by Wenger going with pretty much a 4-5-1 with Adebayor up-front. Liverpool’s defense was leaky at best and after their midweek loss in Europe they were ripe for the picking. I think Arsenal could’ve done more in terms of applying pressure early on and forcing Liverpool to defend. Gunners should’ve had all three but lady luck shined on the Kop. Andy Gray must’ve wet his pants.

There’s a much more level-headed take over at A Cultured Left Foot, definitely worth a read.

This game was on Canadian TV so I didn’t record highlights, however you can get them from here. Grab the feed.

8 Responses to “Lucky Liverpool earn a pathetic undeserved point”

  1. Aweto said

    yea i oso agree that Liverpool were LUCKY
    and btw we could have won 2-1 if not Bendtner.

  2. Colin said

    for all the moaning bendtner does he has to take those chances if he wants to be in the side

  3. huhu said

    l’fool cant realy get into our penalty box, and long shots are well dealt by almunia…

    shud hav won the game, but 1 point is good though

  4. arsenalist said

    1 point isn’t good enough when all three were there for the taking. As Colin said, Bendtner should’ve had the presence of mind to see the OPEN NET and just pass it in to it. We dominated Liverpool though, that was good to see.

  5. niama sow said

    i love arsenal fc

  6. niama sow said

    slt fabregas cest un big de toi ne quitte jamais arsenal tu dois etre lier a arsen wenger ..i love you cesc fabregas arsenal for ever.

  7. nolaboyd said

    If you’re going to slag Bendtner, you have to slag Cesc as well…his mistake was almost identical. Even his goal was not that well struck, by his own admission. God I miss Van Persie already. But it was hilarious how Kolo looked like he was going to rip Bendtner’s head right off his body after he botched it.

  8. arsenalist said

    nolaboyd, Cesc’s miss was bad but Bendtner’s was worse. Cesc had one shot at goal and needed to almost one-time it. Bendtner actually had time to dribble the ball for a few seconds before he could shoot.

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