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TFC 2, NYRB 1: Greatest meaningless win ever!

Posted by Arsenalist on October 5, 2007

I have never seen a defender smash home an own goal the way Chris Leitch did into his own net. It was a great hit but to his defense (pardon the pun) Cunningham would’ve probably slotted it home if Leitch had let it go. Kenny S finally has a win under his belt, it was getting quite embarrassing for him and the whole team really. We hadn’t won a game since July 4th, that’s exactly three months ago! How crazy is that?

Caught portions of this game on the NY telecast and I’d take those two commentators over Forrest, Dobson or Reed any day. They were actually happy for us that we actually won a game.. Add in the fans (King Tut was awesome), the intense fog and slight drizzle and it looked like an English Championship side playing for a promotion. I have nothing negative to say, not even concerning Adam Braz. But let’s give props to Maurice Edu for scoring on a shot which would’ve made Thierry Henry proud.

So what does this win mean? Nothing obviously except we that we beat a pretty decent team in a pretty convincing fashion. Does this mean we’re good? No, Mo Johnston is looking for two forwards, two midfielders and two backs in the off-season, here are the two from each position he’s going to be keeping, or should be keeping:

  • Forwards: Cunningham, Dichio
  • Midfielders: Edu, Robinson
  • Backs: Wynne, Brennan

How does that sound? I’d say those might be our six best players who actually would make it on any MLS roster? After these six guys we quickly drop to the likes of Lombardo, Boyens, Samuel, Braz etc. who would have issues when trying to say, make the roster for DC United. The other player that’s been surprisingly good has been Todd Dunivant who deserves to come back.

There’s an article in the Toronto Star by Cathal Kelly which encourages us to sign a designated player like Angel but he options he’s giving aren’t very attractive. Still worth a read.

Anwyays, enjoy the win, they don’t come often enough.

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One Response to “TFC 2, NYRB 1: Greatest meaningless win ever!”

  1. I am with you on the solid six, with a twist. I suspect, and this is just based on a hunch, that out of Wynne, Brennan, Edu, Robinson, Dichio and Cunningham, the most trade able player is Jeff Cunningham. I just cannot see MoJo going through the Superdraft and the Expansion Draft without making a deal. To get something you have to give something and he has a superb MLS goal scoring resume, apart from this year.
    Besides, the ages of Cunningham and Dichio make them an unlikely pairing at striker for long, hence the talk of a striker DP ??!

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