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Arsenal vs. Sevilla Highlights – Champions League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 19, 2007

I think I’ve watched the highlights about 25 times. It’s good to be a Gooner right now. A 3-0 win over Sevilla who are supposed to be the other team to beat in the group. This isn’t the UEFA Cup now is it boys? We had our way with them, I’m sure they’ll be tougher in Spain but there’s little doubt that we have nothing to worry about in the group stages this year, unlike last. One of the commentators summed it up best by saying they should make a DVD out of this match and show people how to play football.

I can really see why the scum were after Ramos, the man is a genius. He actually hinted before the game that they’d show people how to beat Arsenal. The plain fact is this: win or lose, we play the most open, exciting and fluid brand of football in the world. If any club comes into a game thinking that they’ll play our game better than us and expect to win, they’ll be disappointed. Fabregas and Flamini (yes Flamini) were unbelievable today, the one touch passes, the wide runs, the through balls, the pace, everything was working for us. Even Adebayor who makes a living out of wasting chances was getting to the end of balls he had no business being close to, he might be our best aerial threat and today he showed glimpses of why.

Gael Clichy’s pace going forward might be faster than any Arsenal back in a long time and once he’s up the field he’s as good as a midfielder. Senderos was solid and took extra precautions at the back and Kolo, well, Kolo was Kolo. The only player who somewhat disappointed was Abou Diaby who looked very uncomfortable against the speed of Sevilla.

I wish there was a game tomorrow because when you’re playing this well you don’t want to stop. Here’s a quote from RVP:

“The way I see it we’re playing football from a different planet at the moment. It has nothing to do with age whatsoever, it’s just quality.”

Time to just soak in the last two W’s. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, this happens. Get the feed.

Here is the full highlight package including post match interviews by Wenger, RVP and Fabregas: Download ~23MB.

[livevideo id=EF8837693A844CDAB97B4AA5B1D77679]


Fabregas goal ’27 + first half highlights: Download Pat Dolan’s doing some talking here too. Click here if you just want to see the goal.

[livevideo id=D2529D309C6C42D9AD056801C832CC20]

RVP Goal ’59 and Flamini earning freekick: Download

[livevideo id=66004CC7A312416DB73082D03D7E6186]

Eduardo goal ’90: Download

[livevideo id=D5CACEC059EB44D8996C4A1A050C6465]

14 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Sevilla Highlights – Champions League”

  1. Arse Gooner said

    You’re a saviour. God Bless

  2. Craig said

    Cheers for the good service. Great win.

  3. Arse Gooner said

    That 3rd goal was so seamless. Brillant .

    Thks Zarar

  4. arsetard said

    your a genius!

  5. Irwan said

    great stuff
    thanks a lot.. knew i can rely on you for latest highlights!
    go gunners!
    dudu on the scoresheet once again

  6. arsenal turk said

    thanx for the video i did not think arsenal can do this well but now i think we are going to win win WIN WIN !!!!!!!! LOL THANK

  7. ARsenal Msia said

    omg….wat a lovely goal gooner!!!by the way thanx for the sharing you r my hero!!!c u guys around^^

  8. FREDDIE! said

    Maureen is done at Chelski

  9. zee said

    The best is yet to come,oooo222 are on fire

  10. Aweto said

    thx a lot
    i was unable to watch the match but thx for the highlights

  11. Charlie said

    Excellent game and excellents players, i believe that we have a good team to reach to the finals, thx for the sharing, GOOOO GUUUNNNERRRRSSS,

  12. haji said

    Excellent game and excellents players

  13. haji said

    im very happy players team

  14. Minnie said

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