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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights – We own the London Derby

Posted by Arsenalist on September 15, 2007

This one had that oh so familiar 3-1 feel from the start and the chance of us losing here for the first time in 8 years was pretty much zero. The scum were giving our midfield too space to work with and despite our early missed opportunities it was always a matter of when rather than if we’re going to score. Almunia finally made a mistake and was completely out of position on the Gareth Bale freekick, he sneaked one in on a bounce, nothing spectacular, it just stunk of bad positioning. But it wouldn’t matter because there was no way Paul Robinson was going to shut us out (see, he’s a goalie who has good stretches but bad games).

Fabregas had enough room during the first half that you figured he was going to have an impact in this one before it was over. Cesc has a tendency to look for the through ball and Adebayor is someone who’s always making runs which beg for one, but when Fabregas actually delivers, Adebayor doing something with them is quite rare. He should’ve probably scored in the first half on one of Fabregas’ numerous pinpoint passes but it was Abou Diaby that had the chance of the half. He rattled the crossbar after Hleb (another great game) found him wide open on the left. Even if you’re the staunchest of Adebayor supporters you had to be pissed of at him for not finishing at least one of those chances. No worries though, this one was in the bag from the start.

The best part about beating the scum is that during some point in the match they actually think they have a chance of winning. They had a chance to go up 2-0 but Kolo Toure’s one-on-one tackle on Berbatov with Almunia somewhere in the middle of the field (don’t ask why) saved the day. Minutes after missing a sitter Adebayor headed home an unstoppable shot off a Fabregas freekick. What made it even more unstoppable was Robinson coming out to get the ball – I can’t believe this guy is the best England can find.

Now at this point it’s 1-1 and the scum have already mentally collapsed. Fabregas blasts one in from 25 yards after nobody bothers to cover him – doesn’t Martin Jol have Sopcast? Doesn’t he know that he needs to close-out Fabregas and you can’t give him that much space? Apparently not. This happened moments after Darren Bent showed us what you can get for £16 million pounds by displaying a wall-like first touch. What a horrible player.

Scroll down for Adebayor’s second goal and tell me if that isn’t up there with Henry’s Man Utd scorcher? Please also notice Denilson’s bad, bad miss.

We’re tops in the Premiership after Liverpool and Chelsea tied. Man Utd lucked out a 1-0 win versus Everton. You can check out some post match interviews from Wenger, Jol and Fabregas. Thanks for reading and grab the feed. You can also check out some extended highlights here and some more clips here.

Bale’15 1-0: Download

[livevideo id=3C200EFDA1AB4AD2BBB23CD6C8EA000B]

Adebayor ’65 1-1: Download

[livevideo id=7BF73F4665124C31BB7195223DA720F0]

Fabregas ’80 2-1: Download

[livevideo id=9810596FE50E40529C2BF63145D0E368]

Adebayor ’90 3-1: Download

[livevideo id=8643A453D63B4C57B6C9000720E30A21]

Thanks to Arsenal Goal Clips.


36 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights – We own the London Derby”

  1. Grey Roco said

    Cardiac Kids!

    Cardiac Kids!

    Cardiac Kids!

  2. Grey Roco said

    That last goal is a STUNNA!

  3. Vikram said

    Awesome result..

    love your blog… for this is the only place once can see the goals immediately after the game is over…

    loved da result as well

  4. arsenalist said

    Vikram, bookmark these two blogs:

  5. Vikram said

    thanks ……

    and we are top of the league…. did not ever expect that this year…

  6. Max_Underwood said

    Top of league ….we’re having a laugh !!!!!
    Come on u arsenal !!!!!!
    oh to be a gooner !!!!!

  7. Sex Fabregas said


    Fabregas =D

  8. mulki said

    wooooooooooooooooooooooo go arsenal number 1 baby

  9. CHARLIE said


  10. rk81995 said

    go on your gooners blody sick goal aderbayor keep it up boys

  11. huhu said


  12. YEAH!!!

    What an amazing touch from adebayor. :D (L)
    And what an performance from FABREGAS!!!!!
    It´s so great to see Arsenal beat the FUCKING SPURS! But I knew that Arsenal was going too Win!!!

    ARSENAL 4 LIFE!!!!!

  13. s3 said

    Let’s talk about Cesc, baby!

    ‘nough said.


  14. […] more than once and I love the Sky commentator being reduced to an excited ‘Ooooh’ when Cesc’s goal goes in. It’s like he was lost for words and had to resort to caveman noises. That’s […]

  15. sharad said

    Lasagne woah lasagne woah we laughed ourselves to bits when tottenham got the shits

  16. Aweto said

    i love comin to because i can always see the great goals scored by the gunners

  17. Gully said

    have that!!

  18. Sue said

    “Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights – We own the London Derby”

    What sort of stupid talk is that “own”, you need to get out more. If you want to use something then put bragging rights, thats what we use in London.

  19. Bren said

    Sue, you appear to b a little touchy after your hammering on Saturday. YOU need to chill out.

    Nice Blog, I have favourited you.

  20. Geoff said

    ‘We own the London Derby’ is spot on as a matter of fact. Spurs haven’t beaten us this century! I call that owned.

  21. Sue said

    Bren, arent you the silly one lmao….typical idiot that assumes. I’m actually a season ticket holder at The Arsenal (Block 10) and was merely stating that the word “owned” is not used in footballing terms and is laughed at in England.

    Geoff are you a little boy needing attention. What you have said is not even proper English.

  22. gbh said

    Lay off your fellow gooners please. I’m sure you have better things to do than comment on the use of english on an internet blog of all things (e.g. lmao). As it happens, the term “owned” is indeed used in english, just not the Queen’s english. We’re not a small club, there are gooners of many shapes and sizes, from Balham to Bratislava. Yes we’re an english club but I’m happy to say we’ve a fan base as diverse as our squad. Anyway, my point is that we should be enjoy saturday’s result having put Spurz in their rightful place (4th from bottom as opposed to 4th from top).

  23. Denmark Gooner said

    For those having trouble understanding the ‘own’:

  24. Sue said

    No one had trouble understanding with the word “owned” or “own” it was the context in which it was used.

  25. Jai said

    Sue appears to be one of these:

  26. monkeychops said

    sue’s on the blob

  27. nolagunner said

    Apparently the arsenalist should have used pwn3d instead, so that Sue could either a) not know what he is talking about and be blessedly silent, or b) actually have her head pop off in linguistic apoplexy. I would hope for the latter, as anyone who gives hectoring lectures on “thats [sic] what we use in London” on a Canadian blog site is clearly ignorant of such basic concepts as dialect.

  28. M4 said

    That Toronto FC team you support is pretty crappy mate. 9 games without a goal? You must be really loyal.

    Adebayor’s misses are noted. Same for Denilson. I doubt whether Denilson has the quality needed to be an Arsenal player.


  29. monkeychops said

    Denilson is a class player, definately one to watch out for in the future. He’s captained Brazil at under-15,16,17,18 and 19 levels, so there is no doubting his quality, and with the current Brazil captain in our squad, i wouldn’t be suprised if we had the future one too.

  30. Dennoh said

    Im new to this site-was born an Arsenal fan, Im gonna die an Arsenal fan!! The goals this weekend were simply sick, sicker than Biggie spitting on the mic!

  31. Micktricks said

    Work that one out, Sue! ^

  32. marianne said

    seeing as im the only girlie, let me tell you what went on in my house in the middle east, though im a londoner through and through!!!! we are on top of the world…. spurs had nothing on us!!!!! copious amOunts of beer ( for the boys) and red wine for the girls did not render us from supporting our team….. GO ON YOU GOONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew we would win… we are the bollocks!!!

  33. marianne said

    by the way, i was raised to believe that Arsenal was a religion, Im 34 now and I do believe it to be true!!!!

  34. marianne said

    p.s who the fuck is Sue???

  35. M4 said

    Sue is comment 21 and 24.

  36. JamesArsenalMan said


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