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Lehmann vs. Almunia is on!

Posted by Arsenalist on September 9, 2007

I wasn’t even planning on making an Arsenal post today but this story from Sky Sports caught my eye which has a few Lehmann quotes:

First comes the egotistical maniac:

“I am without a doubt mentally the strongest player at Arsenal because I have more experience”

Next are the condescending remarks about fellow goalies:

“I know that I have an advantage at Arsenal and that I can keep it. I don’t see any young supermen keeping me out.”

Next we see his ability to apparently read Wenger’s mind:

“I know I will be playing again at Arsenal. The coach will let me play. He knows it, and I know it – it doesn’t matter if I have another week out.”

Then comes the direct hit at Almunia:

“I have read that Almunia said he deserves to be the No 1 but until now he has not won a single important game.”

The problem with all these quotes shooting out of his mouth is that they should be preceded with an acknowledgment of error on his two howlers. Right after that there should be some sign of remorse and maybe an open admission that he needs to step up his concentration on the pitch or the job will be up for grabs. Lehmann’s acting like the starting goalkeeper job was part of his contract which it isn’t, and nor should he be starting given how well Almunia has played so far. There’s also Lukas somewhere in there licking his chops.

Le Boss will more than likely give Lehmann another shot if for nothing else than because of his tenure at Arsenal. But in Lehmann’s crazy mind he’ll probably think Wenger’s giving him the job out of desperation because no one else on the team has “won a single important game”. Quotes that devalue teammates and stink of vanity are never good for team chemistry and despite what Lehmann’s done for the club in past years, this will not win him any friends.

There are no problems between Wenger and the board and he has always loved them. There’s an article in the Sunday Mirror which insinuates that Wenger’s at Arsenal for life, something we’ve all known since about five years ago. How about Eduardo scoring two Goal of The Month type goals against Estonia in Euro qualifying? Here’s hoping this gets him more playing time and more starts in the Premiership so he can do what he does best: score! And yes, they should be coming at the expense of Adebayor because Ade can’t hold a candle to Eduardo.

If you enjoy laughing at the scum you should probably check out Yogi’s Warrior post. Finally for all you European folk, remember Denilson? No, not our Denilson, this Denilson, he’s in the MLS now playing for FC Dallas. Scored one against my beloved Toronto FC on a cheeky penalty this weekend.

Thanks for reading, grab the feed.


2 Responses to “Lehmann vs. Almunia is on!”

  1. Denmark Gooner said

    That’s classic Jens Lehmann, I think the team is used to this by now and will take it in stride. The goalies might not. Almunia deserves to start until he makes a mistake, he’s been up to the task and taking the job away from him wouldn’t make sense.

    A little surprised to see that Denilson’s still only 30.

  2. I think Almunia’s save against I don’t remember which ManCity player in the break proved to be quite a match winner by the end of the 90 minutes.

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