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Wenger drama ends; Gilberto to Valencia for £10M; Bendtner blabber

Posted by Arsenalist on September 7, 2007

What a big surprise, I almost had a cardiac arrest when I read Arsene Wenger actually signed a 3 year extension with his club of ten years which he also happens to love and has a free reign in managing. Almost every freaking day there’s a story which goes something like “Wenger contemplating future” or “Hill-Wood and Wenger take a piss in the same washroom” or “Dein and Wenger have lunch and order mashed potatoes”. Fuck! Seriously, it was getting out of hand, even the bloggers were analyzing Wenger’s future to death. I always thought Wenger’s here till he dies. Here’s a quote which finally puts this shit to bed:

My heart is tied to this football club so signing a new deal was always my intention. Arsenal is the club of my life. I have been entrusted with complete freedom to implement and execute my plans on what will make the team successful and that means I have a responsibility to the fans to deliver silverware and also a responsibility to the players to help turn our potential into prizes. This Club has deep-seated roots and a tremendous heritage and it is my aim to uphold these important values and help create new history for future generations to recount.

Valencia are set to offer around £10 million for Gilberto, something Arsenal can’t possibly let pass. Gilberto’s wanting to stay despite the captaincy snub and aim for Champions League glory, something he probably has a better shot at with Arsenal than Valencia so I’d be surprised if he would approve of the deal. From Arsenal’s perspective this might be a good time to cut ties with the long serving Brazilian and give Abou Diaby the minutes he’s shown he deserves.

Nicklas Bendtner plans on having a chat with Wenger about how he wasn’t involved in the 3-1 win over Portsmouth. Why can’t this lad just be happy that his team won, continue working hard in practice and let Wenger do what he does best: Manage. I imagine the chat will go something like this:

Bendtner: Sir, I was wondering why I didn’t play against Portsmouth.
Wenger: What?
Bendtner: Why did you not play me against Portsmouth?
Wenger: Because I felt it was a good matchup for Robin and Emmanuel, do I need to ask your permission before making the lineup?
Bendtner: Err, no but I was wondering why…err..I mean, will you start me against Tottenham?
Wenger: I don’t know, haven’t made the lineups yet, if I think it’s a good matchup for you, yes, if not, then no.
Bendtner: But I got playing time in preseason, how come I’m not getting any now?
Wenger: That was preseason, this is the real season. Continue working hard in training and things will work out.
Bendtner: (Wants to threaten leaving Arsenal but doesn’t have the balls to make such a demand knowing he’s not that good): Umm..OK
Wenger: Merci, now get the fuck outta here.

Seriously, as Yogi’s Warrior points out, Wenger doesn’t want youngsters getting exposed to the “rigours of the Premiership”. Bendtner couldn’t play two straight games in the league without getting the wind knocked out of him. Arsenal youngsters should just trust Wenger without asking questions. Look at it this way, he even gives Alexander Song playing time. If you’re ready, he’ll put you in.

Resident psychopath Jens Lehmann wants to play in the 2010 World Cup. Sure, I don’t care but it would speaks volumes if the entire German nation can’t find another goalie other than Lehmann and Kahn. He’s not going to be playing for Arsenal then, that’s for sure. There’s another Lehmann story out there where he claims he’s still Number One for Arsenal and Germany. For a guy on the bench, he sure makes a lot of news. His blunders have already cost us 2 points and could’ve been much more but the man has played some excellent football for us over the last two seasons and two stupid mistakes don’t change that. He’s probably a better goalie than Almunia but even then he doesn’t deserve the starting job simply because Almunia hasn’t done anything wrong yet.

The Gunnerblog correctly (and obviously) points out that Wenger is our best signing of the summer. I stumbled upon this blog dedicated to Arsenal Reserves, it’s a pretty good way to keep in touch with the youth movement. As always, grab the Arsenal Feed.


6 Responses to “Wenger drama ends; Gilberto to Valencia for £10M; Bendtner blabber”

  1. Lukas said

    If the Gilberto story is true we have to make that deal. Valencia has a shot at winning the CL if that’s all that matters to him. This would mean more time for Diaby/Walcott/Denilson and I’d even entertain the notion of playing Adebayor in the midfield.

  2. Howard said

    Really, from what I’ve seen of Bendtner and the field work of Adebayor; I think Bendtner is worth a trial. May be he can score tons of chances Ade has been throwing away.

  3. Antonio G said

    Bendtner is trouble. I make no comments about his playing ability. I do know this isn’t the first time he’s spoken publicly about wanting more playing time (last year he was saying he wouldn’t return to Arsenal to be in the reserves). Le Boss doesn’t like mouthy players. – especially ones that haven’t proven jack-shit yet. I think he’s gone a year form now, no matter how good he is.

  4. Nick said

    Let Gilberto go? Why exactly? He’s one of our most experienced players, and has been immense for us over the last few seasons. Wenger and the board keep telling us we don’t need the money, so what reason would we have for letting him go? Also, why sell him to give others more playing time? If they’re better, they can play instead. If not, they have to wait for their chance, like everyone else has done. Even Ashley Cole had to wait on the bench until Silvinho got a long term injury. He had his chance then and took it. Why sell someone who’s been a key player for years just in case someone else might be better?

  5. Denmark Gooner said

    Gilberto’s good but since we’re part of a youth movement at Arsenal, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let him go and as the OP says develop Diaby. Neither Gilberto or Diaby are goal scoring threats and Gilberto is probably a better defensive midfield player but from glimpses of Diaby over the last two years, he deserves more than the occasional 75th minute sub. I see this as a win-win situation, if Gilberto is kept we got a good holding midfielder, if he’s sold, more of Diaby. Can’t really complain.

    Bendtner is still two years of CC games away from stepping into the Premiership squad on a consistent basis.

  6. ahmed said

    if Gilberto is kept we got a good holding midfielder he is agreat player and the team need him plz hold him

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