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Toronto FC 0-3 NYRB: We got ripped apart

Posted by Arsenalist on August 12, 2007

The scoreboard is indicative of the events of this afternoon. Joey Melo registered our first shot on goal at about the 55 minute of the first half. If that doesn’t tell the story how about a 21(11) – 3(0) shots on goal disparity. But let’s leave statistics aside for a moment because they don’t tell the whole story. There is no stat that measures how bored and tired Lombardo must’ve been waiting for ANY sort of service. Our midfield couldn’t even put together 3 passes without either turning it over through a bad pass or getting tackled. A really disappointing game for everyone including Reda, Braz and former NYRB Dunivant. Our back four caused no discomfort to any NY player and we’re lucky the scoreline is only 3-0 because NY missed some golden, golden opportunities to really shit on us.

Coming off a good game against the Galaxy we got outclassed and chased out of Giants Stadium. This also marked our fifth straight game without scoring a goal but you can’t be surprised at that, without Cunningham, Dichio and O’Brien it seems only lady luck can help us score and she’s been out taking a piss lately. Collin Samuels can only do so much of running down balls and if he does run them down it’s hard for him to create something out of it. Since Lombardo’s not getting any service, he resorts (naturally) to coming to the midfield and trying to win the ball there. But since there’s absolutely nobody in support of him even if he does win it, there’s nothing he can do with it. It’s a sad situation.

I think Mo Johnston playing five in the midfield is backfiring, it seemed too cluttered in there and there was no space to do anything. There was zero continuity which means Lombardo was hung out to dry. It’s not like having five midfielders helps us defensively so it might be better to just play a conventional 4-4-2 and actually attempt to apply some legitimate pressure. The defense needs work, Reda and Braz had bad games where they were allowing waaaaay too much space to NY. But maybe they had to, they’re not exactly gazelles and the back four is all about hiding your weaknesses. Unfortunately even when they traded space for cover they still got burned. The only player that stood out as mediocre was Kenny Stamatopolous who was quick and confident when dealing with problems.

A quick word about Giants Stadium as a soccer venue: it’s the worst. First of all the yard markers are all over the place which keeps messing with your mind. If you however manage to look past that you definitely won’t be able to ignore the cold hard fact that the sidelines for soccer extends beyond that of football so every time anyone steps on the football sideline your brain thinks he’s out of bounds. The lighting in the stadium combined with the confusing markers and terrible surface makes this the worst place to watch an MLS game.

Nor surprisingly there was a beer bottle throwing incident and the culprits were…….you guessed it, TFC fans. This embarrassment really needs to stop, we’re getting criticized for this behavior and rightfully so.

Next up is Chivas on Saturday. Get the feed.

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