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Capt. Gilberto + Diarra dare + MILFS

Posted by Arsenalist on August 9, 2007

This Sky Sports Arsenal preview is pretty bang on about our chances this year and what we might need to do in order to contend. It’s picking us to qualify for the Champions League which realistically speaking would be a pretty good achievement. Maybe throw in a cup in there and we can call it a successful season. And to better improve our chances of that succesful season we’re going to be “testing Chelsea’s resolve” with a £5 million offer for Lassana Diarra who wants to play for Arsenal and who Wenger wants at Arsenal. Given that alone, I’ll be shocked if this deal doesn’t happen. From the same article we’re told that Gilberto Silva is Arsenal’s new captain. Gallas just hung himself.

Want to see how a major Canadian sports website covers the Premiership? Click here. The article also rambles about American ownership and how it’s “taking over” English football. It’s a decent read if you’re not caught up on all the summer transfers and signings. Eduardo da Silva’s ready for the challenge presented at Arsenal:

“Everything at Arsenal is great. The stadium is great and the training camp is something in my dreams. Everything is new around me but I’m not scared of it. I’m not afraid of anything. There are only three Englishmen in the Arsenal squad so another foreigner is nothing new to supporters.”

Eduardo’s saying all the right stuff so far and I’m hoping he keeps this positive approach even if he doesn’t get the playing time that he might’ve expected. With RVP and Adebayor being the primary strikers, Eduardo might have to skip a week between shots at goal. Seeing how he’s been a prolific scorer at Zagreb he might feel the pressure to repeat his feats and could possibly think that he’s not being given the chance to score the goals he thinks he can score. Naaah, I’m just being really negative.

RVP likes Theo Walcott’s chances of doing something good season. Walcott can have a horrible season and the optimism will still be there next summer – that’s the upside of being young I’m not expecting too much out of him except to keep his head about him when he does get the chance to play. Barring injury, the Cups is where the majority of his playing time will likely come from, as it should. Yogi’s Warrior has a nice take on Walcott where he’s making a lot of sense.

Then there’s the Sun piece which has pictures of players’ wives, here’s Rosicky’s and here’s Cuntleys.

Latch on to the feed.


5 Responses to “Capt. Gilberto + Diarra dare + MILFS”

  1. Icegun said

    Walcott needs to aim for 10 goals in all competitions. The more in the league the merrier but it’ll be hard to do that playing at the wings.

  2. Jason said

    LOL on Gallas just hung himself.

    Rather have Toure but Gilberto will do.

  3. Ammaz said

    Gilberto isnt captain, Gallas is. Check Arsenal website

  4. Dudu said

    Yup, Probably because Gilberto’s out till September. Typical Sun reporting…

  5. arsenalist said

    So much for that Sun article…thanks Ammaz.

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