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Arsenal move for Argentine and Brazilian phenoms Di Maria and Pedro Silva

Posted by Arsenalist on July 19, 2007

According to Sky Sports which is quoting the Spanish press, Arsenal have agreed to terms on a loan deal which would bring Argentine forward Angel Di Maria and Brazilian forward Pedro Silva to Salamanca and into the Gunners’ fold. It’s all very confusing with work permits and all but this looks to be a typical Arsene Wenger move: get them while they’re young.

I’ve seen Angel Di Maria play in the U-20 World Cup and the kid obviously has some talent. Here’s a highlight clip which shows that:

Although Di Maria is the more polished player, the report claims that it’s Silva that has already been on trial with the Gunners and is ready for a move to North London. But it’s a good bet that both will be at Salamanca next season since a) there’s not enough playing time to go around with the big club and b) they seem to have work permit issues and are ready to spend the season in Spain.


5 Responses to “Arsenal move for Argentine and Brazilian phenoms Di Maria and Pedro Silva”

  1. gin said

    We’ll see the fruits of this move in a couple years.

  2. tentonipete said

    and some fruits they will be!

  3. slimsanta said

    Does anyone know where i can see video of pedro, ive only seen the pictures on salamancas website where he’s been presented, and di maria is top class, if a bit lightweight, and wenger is desperately trying to get him a work permit, thats why the deal for him has taken so long, di maria is only going on loan if we cant get the wpermit

  4. ghostzitu said

    di maria transfered to benfica

  5. arsenalist said


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