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Toronto FC pop a cap in Dallas’ ass

Posted by Arsenalist on June 18, 2007

goal celeberation

I say Jeff Cunningham new exactly what he was doing when he shot the ball into the net after getting called for offsides. Craig Forrest swears by his mother Cunningham never heard the whistle but I say that he did. See all you have to look at is the way he shot the ball into the net. His final shot was half-hearted and filled with disgust, disappointment and distress. It was a stupid thing to do especially after you’ve just been cautioned for the exact same thing. But it was all forgotten when he scored in injury time to turn a 3-0 laugher into a 4-0 comedy.

But leaving that aside whats not to like about this afternoon. The offense taking both early opportunities to bury Dallas early was the perfect remedy after the New York disappointment, Danny Dichio should’ve scored the first goal but the Dallas goalie absolutely denied him twice from point-blank range, we got a little lucky and the ball fell to Maurice Edu who skied it into the top of the net. But the bulk of the credit for the goal should be given to Kevin Goldthwaite, his run down the left was what made the goal, and his fake that sent the Dallas defender to the ground in the fetal position was what allowed the pass to be made. The second goal saw Dichio carry a Dallas defender on his back while heading the ball in off a beautiful freekick by Carl Robinson. Absolutely brutal Dallas defending but it got more brutal for the Carl Robinson goal. There were three defenders around Carl Robinson when he headed the ball home off a Goldthwaite cross, all three were comparing their manicures as Robinson blasted in a header no goalie could save. Due justice for Robinson who has come close too often this season.

The man that’s been most impressive has been Kevin Goldthwaite, he plays like a 10 year pro and is as steady as they come. He doesn’t get much ink compared to the others on the team but he’s been one of the core reasons of our recent success. The left back position is for him to keep for the rest of the season and hopefully beyond. He’s been a quarterback of sorts on the left hand side and is a big reason why we’ve scored at least twice in four of seven games. Andy Boyens’ name wasn’t called out much which is a good thing considering his recent misfortunes on the defensive end. Marvell Wynne makes at least one run a game where you say to yourself, man this guy can be a great offensive back, he had one of those runs again today and followed it up with a strong defensive game where he dispossessed Dallas forwards on a couple key occasions.

ronnie o’brien dallas fc

Ronnie O’Brien is a feisty little nut, I guess he really doesn’t like the Dallas players and they really don’t like him. He was getting into it with Dallas players on every chance he got and rightfully so, they were playing him physical and he responded by being equally physical. The man had a bad back and took a couple nasty tumbles which would’ve sent anybody in his condition to the bench but to his credit he stayed in the game and had a big impact in midfield, which is where the game was won for us. The only time Dallas took some control of the game was at the start of the second half where they came out with some intention but the heat and the third goal took out any fervor they might’ve had.

Carlos Ruiz is a punk who has the potential to be a cancer. Ronnie O’Brien keeps talking about Dallas’ stench ridden clubhouse and you don’t have to look further than Ruiz to figure out why that might be the case. His disregard for the referees and showing them up when a call doesn’t go his way hurts both him and his team. The hell with him.


2 Responses to “Toronto FC pop a cap in Dallas’ ass”

  1. Hail, hail the rising TFC !
    Only addition I would make is that Jim Brennan makes so many of these Goldthwaite/Wynne offensive forays possible as his canny cover and confidence on the ball sets them in motion. I am one that strongly feels that Brennan stay in the defensive alignment rather than return to the midfield.

  2. I like the redesign! Looks sharp.

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