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Toronto FC Wins! The Monkey is off!

Posted by Arsenalist on May 13, 2007

I knew Danny Dichio was going to be the first ever goal scorer for TFC after the KC game. He’s too resilient and physical to not be a scoring threat in a league where good ol’ fashioned English grit is at a premium. Thanks to Dichio the gorilla is off our backs and we can actually start winning some games now that the “firsts” are out of the way. A nice and convincing 3-1 win over Chicago can ail a lot of things including team confidence which had to be at low after 4 straight defeats. Even when Chicago tied the game, TFC still looked the stronger side and a second goal was only a matter of time.

I really need to go to a game, BMO Field looks like it might become one of the hubs of football in North America if the fans keep supporting the team at this rate. Of all the MLS games I’ve seen nothing even comes close to the atmosphere at TFC home games – of course I’m judging all this by just watching the games on the TV but I’m quite sure my assessment is accurate.


That first goal celebration was awesome, never knew raining seat cushions would make the field look so good.  Once you add in the flares, things go from good to great.  I really don’t have much to say nor will I break down the game.  The guys here and here probably will.


2 Responses to “Toronto FC Wins! The Monkey is off!”

  1. Arsenalist, you must get yourself to a game !!!!!
    I look forward to the player rankings from Jesse and TFCMLS.
    I was too off the charts to be reliable
    But the smart play of Edu continues, he does not look like a rookie at all.
    And Ronnie O’Brien was man of the 2nd half, his shooting and runs down the right and his passing were the elements TFC had been looking for.
    Man of the match first half was Danny Dichio

  2. darren said

    tfc’s strip looks similar to those of Bayern Munichs

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