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Pompey have a right to be pissed

Posted by Arsenalist on May 13, 2007

The game wasn’t on TV and MyP2P didn’t have it either so that means I had to sit this one out. A scoreless draw against Pompey – not the most fashionable way to end a season but somehow it’s fitting given the overall disappointment of this campaign. The game didn’t mean a thing for Arsenal but everything for Portsmouth who were vying for a UEFA Cup spot. It must suck to be a Pompey fan, I mean getting denied in the last game of the season by Graham Poll who disallowed the Senderos own goal midway through the second.

Reading the Soccernet report it appears that our favorite f**k-up Baptista blew a penalty and missed another gazillion chances to put the game away. I hope this is the last I see of this guy in an Arsenal uni, he’s provided me with enough grief to last a decade.  I’ve never been so happy to see a season end, once that CL and FA Cup finals are finished we can safely close the book on what can only be termed a cupless disappointing season marred with injury, suspension and bad luck.  I really thought we had turned the corner in terms of form in January and everything was going pretty well until Wenger decided to field the kids for the Carling Cup final.  That was the first domino, the second was the Blackburn defeat (Senderos again) and finally the Champions League game (thank you Hleb for committing the most unnecessary foul in the history of Arsenal).

I think if we just had RVP (not even Henry) for the second part of the season we’d have a lot more to show than just a fourth place finish.  I thought the young players came into their own this year especially Fabregas, Denilson and Diaby.  The last two needed some top-class playing time and I’m glad they got it, we’ll see better results next season – that’s for sure.  I’ll write more later.


3 Responses to “Pompey have a right to be pissed”

  1. Sidehow Bob said

    Sucks man, you didn’t miss much though. Just a lot of Baptista blunders, those can get entertaining.

  2. sex fabregas said

    it’s really interesting that Aliadiere, who is available and is fitted to play as a forward, isn’t used while Baptista, who fails at everything, was used.

    Oh well, new season in august. Henry and RVP return, along with (I’m pretty sure) will be other new big names.

  3. Lauren said

    Isn’t it ironic how we could all see early on in the season that Baptista wasn’t going to help us out at all? He kept screwing everything up. Yet, Arsene did nothing. I mean, sit the guy out for a better player (which would be just about ANYONE!)

    I am glad the season is over as well. Maybe now Arsene will get his act together and trade Baptista for someone better-like a good waterboy or uniform-washer.

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