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Craig Forrest to the rescue!

Posted by Arsenalist on April 12, 2007

craig forrestI wasn’t the least bit surprised when I read Craig Forrest is trying out for Toronto FC to be a backup for Sutton. It was more amusing than surprising. He was apparently itching during the Chivas game when he was unfortunately calling the match instead of playing in it. I say go for it Craig, there’s no point in not doing so. This is Toronto FC, an expansion team in the MLS and the standard for a backup goalie is fairly low so what better litmus test than this. He wasn’t a half-bad player as a pro and has some great European experience which can undoubtedly help the club. Forrest retired five years after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. He’s had 56 caps for Canada and is probably our best goalie ever.

The Toronto FC blog seems to think that this might be a PR stunt for Sportsnet to which I say, how? We don’t need PR stunts and this one would qualify as one of the worst ever. This is Craig Forrest coming to play for TFC, not David Beckham.

Whether he can actually play is a different story but according to the Toronto MLS FC Blog (pick a better name please) Forrest was very impressive in training until he strained his calf. He’ll be turning 40 this year which isn’t old for a goalie and if he does regain fitness he could conceivably play a couple years as a backup and fulfill his wish of playing professional football in North America. Either that or he’s just doing it to get those really hard to find TFC jerseys. You could tell during the game last week that he really does care for this team, some of his reactions to sloppy TFC plays were pretty much, “Oh no man WTF??”, of course I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.

The man who stands to lose the most from all this is Gerry Dobson, he loses his best buddy. Picture this: In his first game back Forrest lets in a howler in a tie game in injury time – what does Dobson say? It would be awkward. In all seriousness, I hope he’s good enough to play in a few games and maybe take part in the Gold Cup if anything. I also pray he doesn’t get injured, after a day of training he’s already started tweaking muscles and at that age the healing process can be painfully slow and frustrating. If it doesn’t work out, he can always come back to the studio and tell us how to play the goalie position rather than actually play it.

The other reason I like Craig Forrest is because he appreciates Arsenal, he’s always praising them even when they blow 25 chances in a game by saying, “They play the right way” and that kind of apologetic nonsense in defense of the Gunners.

In another news, there’s finally an official TV deal for Toronto FC. CBC, Rogers Sportsnet and The Score get in on the action. Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “Craig Forrest to the rescue!”

  1. Haik said

    Your article just reeks of ignorance. Craig Forrest wasn’t a half-bad player? He’s certainly the greatest Canadian GK ever and argueably the best keeper ever produced in North America. Meola, Keller, and others get more hype because they’re American but they’ve never been fundamentaly better than Forrest.

    You’re also really diminishing the quality of MLS with that comment about the low standard for a backup keeper, what an absolute load of crap. You make it sound like any old hobo can fill the job between the posts.

    40 isn’t old for a keeper.. hahaha! 40 is old for ANY player, even 37 is old, even for a keeper. Just because David Seaman went on for a while doesn’t mean every keeper can and play at top level at that age.

    Stick to writing about the NBA.

  2. arsenalist said

    Thanks for the kind comment. I’m not diminishing the quality of the MLS, I’m saying if there’s a platform for Forrest to try out his luck, it would have to be playing for an expansion Canadian team as a backup goalie. If there is one position on the pitch where age is less of a factor, it is the goalie.

    As for Craig Forrest not being a bad goalie, I think we’re in agreement there, aren’t we?

  3. alex said

    well hes playing in the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League right now Mens 1st division.. (team is called Optika)

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