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TTC Drivers are rude!

Posted by Arsenalist on March 5, 2007

So I’m sitting there reading a fairly crappy book on the Spadina streetcar when some teenage girl makes the fatal mistake of asking the TTC driver where the streetcar is going; to which he responds in a grumpy, i’m-too-old-for-this-shit voice, “Queens Quay”. At this point this probable 11th grader is wondering what she did to piss off the driver and where Queens Quay is, and if she really wants to go there. So she asks a simpler question, “Does this go past Adelaide?”. The TTC driver has had enough shit for today and turns the sarcasm on along with the you-dumb-f**k of a teenager attitude and goes, “Well, if I’m going to Queens Quay, I would have to be going past Adelaide, now wouldn’t I?” The poor teen is regretting ever opening her mouth because all it’s gotten her is a verbal bashing from a stranger. So she nods her head and quietly sits down. Finally, she timidly asks a couple questions to some rider who tells her she should be getting of at King St.

I know TTC drivers have to deal with a lot of people every day but that doesn’t excuse rude behavior to people who just don’t know the system map as well as they do. We all have to deal with weirdos at our jobs but you don’t respond to it by being rude to the cash-paying customer. I doubt if the TTC guy deals with any more crap than the pimply faced teenager working the drive-thru at McDonalds, but you don’t hear him being rude to patrons. Customer Service is dead and the TTC is the best example of it.


6 Responses to “TTC Drivers are rude!”

  1. Ha ha, that sounds too funny, yet all too familiar. I’m not one to take city transportation anywhere, but I’ve heard my stories. Sometimes these drivers can be a real pain in the butt. Hey, all they have to do all day is sit on their lazy butt and drive. Sure, there’s the occasional annoying passenger, but like you said, what job doesn’t have to interact with annoying people? They should just be glad they have a job. They could be living on the street somewhere. Or they could be the ones asking someone for directions and getting the sarcastic answer. I’d love to see the shoe on the other foot. (New reality show?)

  2. arsenalist said

    The thing about the TTC is that it’s a fairly crappy service and once you receive attitude on top of bad service, it becomes too much for me to take. You probably have never been on a Streetcar in Toronto but those mofo’s are slloooooowwwwww.

  3. Yeah, nope never been. And things down here in LA move pretty fast. But then again, you have to watch your back every two seconds or you’ll get mugged. I mean, DC isn’t even as bad as here!

  4. Oh, and that book definitely looks like a winner (sarcasm intended) The plot sounds too muddled and complicated to get into it. And it sounds a tad but too extraordinary to be even a good fiction novel. Definitely would have put it back on the shelf and spent my money another way.

  5. Edmund said

    This is not surprising to me at all. Most TTC drivers I have seen are not only rude, they are a bunch of lazy bastards who demand for a ridiculous amount of raise every year, while most of us earn much less than they earned while working three times harder! When they don’t get what they want, they threatened to strike, guess who is suffering?

  6. Rob said

    Never piss off the TTC! its funny that I came across this post while searching for rude TTC drivers. YOur the second blog to address this issue, you might find this post interesting :

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