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Marty York rips Chuck Swirsky

Posted by Arsenalist on February 27, 2007

Marty York is a stain on professional journalism, there is no doubt about that. Nobody respects his opinion or bothers to give him a decent interview and that probably explains why he’s lingering deep in the shadows of insignificance and covering the CFL on a full-time basis. He’s a disgrace to journalists everywhere and the site of him on any publication is good enough reason to immediately discredit it and burn it to ashes. The free commuter newspaper, The Metro, is where Marty finds primary employment these days. You know, it’s that paper people read out of complete boredom on the subway.

Marty York also hates the Raptors because it goes against everything he believes in: hockey being the #1 sport in Toronto. Everytime the Raptors lose, Marty wets his pants and anytime the Raptors do well, he’ll play down their achievements like they were nothing. The Raptors have been one of the hottest teams in the NBA and coach Sam Mitchell, star Chris Bosh and GM Bryan Colangelo have been praised across the NBA. All this of course resulted in sleepless nights for Marty York but yesterday his luck changed when the Raptors lost to the Spurs in a tough road game in San Antonio, today Marty York opened his fat little mouth:

While misleading and mindless cheerleading for the Raptors continues to emanate from ignorant, irresponsible and self-serving suckups and shameless shills in the Toronto media — Leo Rautins, for instance, actually suggested during a broadcast last week that the club’s acquisition of insignificant guard Juan Dixon was “tremendous” — honest and objective appraisals of the team are coming out of the United States.

Here’s a case in point from Marc Stein, ESPN’s NBA insider: “The Raptors are not a good team,” Stein said on the weekend. “They’re a fun team, but they’re too young to be good. If they win their division, it’ll only be because they happen to play in what may well be the worst division in NBA history.” ? The Fan 590 radio station actually allows Raptors employee/salesman/- announcer Chuck Swirsky to serve as a host of one of its shows but, fortunately, it also employs a sensible update person named Barb DiGiulio, who keeps Swirsky in check. “

Marty picks the one writer who agrees with him and treats it like the word of God. Just browse a little further on (which is Marty’s primary “source”) and you’ll find Chad Ford and Bill Simmons praising the Raptors but thats not what Marty chooses to report. Why? Because he wants to do everything he can to make the Raptors look bad, it’s that simple.

Now, despite the sorry journalist Marty York is and looking past the glaring fact that he’s incapable of shedding any insight on anything other than why the Argos might sign John ____ to a __ year contract, he’s by chance, touched a nerve with Chuck Swirsky. Of course it’s purely out of jealousy that York has begun to attack Chuck but beneath the hate he has for Swirsky are some valid points. Continuing on with the quote from above,

Such was the case last week when Swirsky decided to attack the nicknames of NBA teams outside of Toronto. He went on about how he considers the Wizards a bad name for the Washington team. “Well,” DiGiulio said, “what about the Raptors?

What do Raptors have to do with Toronto?” Obviously stumped, Swirsky emerged with an incomprehensible response during some blatant bafflegab before changing the subject.

Give Swirsky credit, though. He knows how to sell the Raptors and himself and he has managed to brainwash thousands of fans and even media types.

Thankfully, folks such as DiGiulio won’t merely listen to his nonsense without providing perspective and challenges. ? Accolades are being heaped by Toronto media types on the Raptors’ irascible and arrogant coach, Sam Mitchell, but here’s what you should really know:
Unless the team defies the odds and goes deep into the playoffs, Mitchell’s contract will be allowed to expire after the season and he will be replaced.

And then Swirsky can start deriding Mitchell, just as he cuts up many other ex-Raptors. Swirsky seems to think they’re good guys when they’re with the Raptors, but he can be awfully critical of them when they leave.

He sure takes a lot of cheap shots at Vince Carter, for instance, and yet he glorified the allstar by calling him “Air Canada” and other names of worship during his Toronto years.

And then, just the other day, Swirsky took a shot at ex-Raptor Lamond Murray, suggesting on his show that he was poorly behaved in Toronto.

Strangely, though, I cannot recall Swirsky being critical of Murray while he was with the Raptors.

The above is 100% true. Let’s ignore the part about Barb DiGiulio because she knows nothing about sports and the only reason she’s on the Fan 590 is because she was semi-hot 10 years ago. The part about Swirsky being a self-promoter, corporate mouthpiece and salesman cannot be more true. This is precisely the reason why it’s become so hard to watch Raptor games while Chuck Swirsky is calling them: you can’t really believe him anymore. The Vince Carter bashing is getting too much, especially when Vince is smiling at a critical point in the game. When he was with Toronto, Swirsky never called him out on that, but now that he’s with the Nets, he has no fear of degrading another team’s franchise player.

But despite Chuck being as fake as a silicon tit, he doesn’t come remotely close to being anything like Marty York. I remember a while back he used to have a show on the Fan with Stormin’ Norman Rumack (another fruitcake) where he used to pretend he was an insider, but he never managed to break a single f***ing story of interest. Then he “broke” the whole “Vince Carter beat up Sam Mitchell” fabrication which only helped seal his fate as even a remotely credible journalist. Looking at York’s record as a journalist, him slamming a fellow journalist for allegedly distorting facts is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

I even feel guilty for writing this entry because it’s giving this lowly excuse for a writer some weight. But putting harsh feelings aside, my advice to Marty is to stop writing for newspapers, go to, get a blog and write whatever the hell you want.

Update: Marty York threatens to sue me: RealGM Thread

53 Responses to “Marty York rips Chuck Swirsky”

  1. A Raptor Fan said

    Totally Agree!

  2. LJ said

    Keep up the good work. I am also a fan of Toronto FC, Arsenal, and the Raptors.

  3. rich said

    haha well written

  4. guest said

    I think those times that Carter appeared happy during bad games were definitely commented on by Swirsky & Partner. There was a time when Vince received a lot of criticism from the commentators, likely after the trade demand. I remember there was a lot of criticism about Carter settling for jumpshots all the time.

    Also he did criticise Murray’s behaviour while he was on the team. Murray’s attitude was well known, especially with his attitude towards the coaches.

    I still don’t like Swirsky, and in some cases he did reserve negative comments until a player left, but in the most extreme examples (Carter and Murray) he did criticize while they were still on the team.

  5. LM said

    He is an idiot. As simple as that man. I honestly think York is mentally challenged man. I mean, he must be undergoing some serious bouts of depression after being shunned by the major media in the city and now all he can do is take cheapshots at anyone and everyone trying generate SOME or rather ANY interest. What a sad sad excuse of a human being. I cant believe metro still employs the services of this idiot. I am sure they can do better. Good response though. Keep it up.

  6. Chris Bosh said

    Regarding that PUCK-HEAD’s (a.k.a Marty Dork) threat to sue you:

    Great post! You deserve an ovation! A blog is venue for freedom of expression. And come on, is he actually going to dish his minimal pay cheque to sue a random blogger on the internet!?!?

    Marty York and his PUCKHEAD rampage is so disgustingly irritable. How could the metro news/ to star continually to support his poor journalism work????

  7. jj said

    I can’t believe that Marty York continues to have a job.

  8. chris said

    Marty has *ZERO* credibility with anyone who follows sports in Toronto. Marty has zero credibility within his own circle of reporters. Marty York is not an “Insider” with sport in Toronto.

  9. Marty York is a tool said

    take that marty….face the facts…NOBODY likes you…..

    your a joke writer and the next place that will hire you is probably gonna be Scotties Toilet Paper everyone can wipe their ass with your wirtings..

    atta girl Marty…or is it Mary?

  10. TB said

    It’s like York has made a career of being really really wrong about some stuff.

  11. Gerrit said

    I love how Marty’s “insider information” always involves someone else’s opinion of a player/ team. 90% of his raps articles involve:

    “I talked to a insider who says Charlie V isn’t really that good” (an insider who has watched the exact games as the rest of us)
    “I talked to an insider who says the raptors are not a good team”
    “I talked to an insider who says the raptors should trade for Magloire” (though if we had of traded for him it would have been a catastrophe)

  12. That’s the beauty of being a reporter, your accountability ends as soon as your next article begins.

    The trouble with Mr. York is that he is wrong so often that its nearly painful, and its a wonder why his editors don’t look back at some of the articles he has written over the course of the last year and held them up to the test of accuracy? He must be batting around .120

    If you read enough of his work he hides his lack of research behind terms like “As I recall” or “To the best of my knowledge” and makes an attempt to pass his opinion or information that is “to the best of his knowledge” as hard fact which it rarely is.

    But can you blame the guy? he gets paid to write whatever is on his mind be it correct or not, and “to the best of my knowledge” how often does he rip the Leafs when its not wrapped in praise of some other sort?

    He is a hypocrite and I am glad he know that others see that.

    The threat he issued you via email is rather misguided, and clearly an attempt to intimidate because I can tell you he has zero legal recourse as an opinion is not slander, otherwise Marty would be in a world of trouble.

    Or if you really want to cover yourself, just start your blog with “As I recall”

  13. Justin McGuire said

    Marty if your reading this…which im sure you are considering you have no real sources for news so checking out the latest blogs is A on your list.
    You must realize something. the reason why nobody reads your articles other then the fact its for pure amusement and you have official formed yourself into the NE of the sporting news world. Is the same reason why other reporters rip you constantly because unlike others your opinions are based on hatred and practically no real knowledge of the sport in which you are covering. I covered basketball to an extent where you were laughed out of every room that you entered and Jack Armstrong and Doug Smith even ripping you for poor journalism on the radio and TV.

    Marty in plain simple English YOU SUCK and everybody that knows anything about sports to the slightest degree laughs at your opinion on whatever sport you are covering at that time. I do recommend that you go find some other type of job where you keep your opinions to yourself because at this time the only influence you have on anybody’s day is destroying it the morning that they day they pick up the paper and accidentally glance at your column. So in closing the only benefit you can give the fair city of Toronto is to crawl under a rock and pray some dog doesn’t pee on it. Because thats about as good as it should get for somebody with your negative outlook on sports and life in general.

    and how about this…. if you know so much about sports then i have a challenge for you. you cover basketball hockey and football… I challenge you to any sport any time anywhere. And you can put your crap credibility where your mouth is. I am sick of journalists lick yourself that have probably never picked up a hockey stick or basketball in there life but run there mouth about athletes who you envy and are doing a job that you couldn’t do in a million years and getting paid for it. So like i said any sport any time anywhere… me versus you.. and you can get all the media coverage you want cause i would love to see the entire nation watch as you struggle to keep up in the very sport that you believe you know so much about, where as you can criticize athletes who have made a living off of it.
    hope to hear from you soon Marty.

    UNLESSS….your scared that is of a little competition?

  14. RightOn said

    Chris Ronick and Justin McGuire, excellent responses. Marty York is a horrible journalist with no credibility and nobody should be reading his articles. At least when it comes to basketball.

    I’m prepared to look the other way if he just never talks about basketball and sticks to covering the CFL, NHL and Curling.

  15. lang said

    Fantastic write-up. Love the venom. What makes Marty York far worse than his total lack of knowledge on basketball is his inability to take criticism without being totally unprofessional and spiteful. You called him out well – good on you.


  16. Hani said

    this article is like my birthday gift. It makes me feel soooooooo happy to hear people give this idiot what he deserves. I never seen a more pathatic “man” who writes with such ignorance. Did he try to cover the Raptors and they declined not to even let him come for an interview or something? Why all this hatred of the Raptors? may be people should make a petition to the Metro to kick him out so that he could publish his own paper (with one copy) so that he can read it and “enjoy” himself.
    Raptors rule..even if you didn’t like it you freak.

  17. Rob Lee said

    110% AGREE WITH U

    marty york quit what your doing attacking ppl when you havent got anything nice to say you loser

  18. phil said

    hey, what’s even more sad is that there are probably more people reading this blog entry than people reading york’s columns.

  19. DannY said

    Marty York is a homo. Enuff said.

  20. Marty Yorks mom said

    marty york eats babies

  21. Marty York ate the dingo that ate my baby.

  22. Rob said

    Marty York is a great journalist. Seriously.
    Mardy Yourk (no relation)

  23. Ac said

    Thank you, I am new to Toronto and I could not understand why he is so mean and vicious, my little boy in the car asked me Why does this man hates the Raptors.
    Now I know what to answer.’thank you

  24. Basketball hater said

    I like Marty York because I hate the Craptors, the NBA and all Basketball fans. They think they’re smart because basketball is on American TV, but their cross-dressers like Marv Albert….YESssss!

  25. mike said

    who cares about marty york? yes he’s a useless tit but cmon chuck swirsky takes up almost 6 hours of Toronto air waves and tv when hes on the radio and game happens on the same day. I cannot take it anymore! How can so many people listen to what this man has to say …. it really makes me think that there is no hope and we will have to continue to listen to him babble on about his garbage for many more years… makes me want to cry.

  26. Josh Blanc said

    Totally agree…………As I recall, Marty York sucks!

  27. Don Burrey said

    This is a very perceptive piece — it must have cut Marty’s huge ego to the quick. One has to wonder what his next career move will be when he wears out his welcome at Metro … he hasn’t got the writing talent to pull off a Harlequin Romance!

  28. Mike said

    Even better is the fact that Swirsky was the ONLY voter who did not vote for Brandon Roy for Rookie of the Year. That’s 1 vote for Bargnani, 127 for Roy.

    Perhaps he should change his name to “Homer.”

  29. Ytram Kroy said

    I believe that Marty is very intelligent. He dares to say what others fear. I respect him for coming and letting it be known what the REAL lowdown is. If only other writers would follow his footsteps and speak out from behind the veil. Good job Marty!!

    Ytram Kroy

  30. WhatTheDuck said

    What’s up with this hate for Swirsky? The guy is entertaining and a true Raptors fan. I don’t know a single person who didn’t talk smack about a few ex-players here or there.

    You guys can piss and moan about Mertyl York all you want, but lay off Chuck… or maybe you would prefer a 70 year old announcer from the States who sounds like a robot?

  31. Bill G said

    Yes Swirsk is a homer but he is an entertaining announcer unlike the announcers on almost every other pro sports team. Trust me we could have A LOT worse. I hope he is with the Raps for a long time. BTW I think Bargnani will be a better pro than Roy, yeah Roy put up better stats but he was basically the best player on a very bad team. And Bargnani didnt start putting it on until the second half of the season. And the only thing Chuck critisizes about Vince is when he smiles when his team is doing bad (which yes he also did when VC was a Rap) and he vaguely critisizes him about how he left town (who in Toronto doesn’t? He gets booed every time he touches the ball by who?). Gotta defend my man Chuck.

    Marty York is also pretty good,

    Ramty Roky

  32. MikeA said

    The concern with Swirsky is that he seems to want it both ways. He’s the journalistic commentator on sports . . . until the subject turns to the Raptors, when he immediately wraps himself in the team flag. It’s too bad, because I believe the man really knows his sports. But his incessant cheerleading for all things Raptor has undermined any credibility he had in this market on the whole. Let’s forget about Vince Carter and look another storyline in team history. Take Rob Babcock, for instance. When every commentator and journalist worth his salt was calling out the Raptors for an absolutlely ridiculous hire, there was good ol’ Chuck telling his listeners what a great job Rob Babcock was doing . . . until, of course, the day Babcock was canned and Chuck immediately turned on him, terming the previous 18 months as “a dark period” for the organization that lacked vision and leadership. You may not like York (and I don’t), but he’s no phony. The same cannot be said for Chuck Swirsky.

  33. York fan said

    Dear Arsenalist,
    DiGiulio was ‘semi hot 10 years ago’????
    Say hi to your boyfriend for me.

  34. robert greenspan said

    the near idiotic defensesofthe utimate homer, swirksy, is itself a disgrace. his approach along with sam mitchell worship (does he have an icon at home?), show that the term sports journalist by his standards is contradictory internally. the raptors are good enough n.b.a. team but swirksky’s babble is bush league at best.

  35. i love marty said

    u guys have to leave him alone i bet u guys do shitty things to maybe he has a problem in his life so shut the f**k up give him a break cuz u aint any damn different

  36. Mike said

    I love marty, of course he has a problem. It’s called being a horrible journalist and having no standards.

    Give him a break? Why? If you were an accountant and your numbers were all wrong, should you get a break? If you were a doctor, and you killed patients because you didn’t do your job right. would you get a break then too? Granted he’s not killing anybody, but he’s still terrible at his job.

    If you really don’t know why he’s hated read this: Plagurism, misquoting athletes and made up sources. Those are Marty York’s problems.

  37. Vince Saladino said

    met Chuck once at the acc offices upstairs in a staff area. I was there for winning the a Fan contest for a Raptor preseason/backstage/media seats etc…..the “Grill em after the game” campaign. I interviewed Jalen Rose. Was pretty gay actually whne you realise theres to much ego to actually “grill”. Anyway Chuck was predictably rude when I thought aloud with a smile when i saw him walk by and he just looked at me like a deer in headlights and shuffled off. Anyway I listen painfully to his show daily and I find him and his show mentally regressive. In my opinion he is the orst a) broadcaster b) an even worse talk show host c) painfully dumb. Knowing sporting facts (trivia) is one thing but this guy is so transparently stupid it hurts me that I thought RTV at Ryerson was going to be too difficult etc. I mean, his hockey insights are ludicris, agreeing with geeky callers that back up his mundane, primary, predictable, boring points. Its like Mr.Rogers turned broadcaster. This is Toronto folks! The Canadian, and arguably the North American hockey “voice of reason”. The epicentre, the sport revolutionaries who succeded at every, EVERY franchised sport. I could go on about Toronto’s sport succcesses but this about a gut named Charlie who invades the airwaves everyday in this city. He’s a disgrace.

  38. zig said

    Hey guys,

    Before I got my Ipod touch I was very reliant on the Metro for some type of entertainment on my morning commute, I love the Raptors and will to the very end, because of which I am very inclined to reading the sports section. Which offer a good perspective on basketball games unlike Metro’s counterpart newspaper: “24”. But what really has bothered me is this Marty York guy, who blabs on how he can single handedly change the Raptors organization into god damn fucking champions! WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY? What really pisses me off is how he continuously bashes the Swirsk! Who in my opinon is one PRIMO Play by Play sports announcer, waaaaaaaay better than Leo Rautins, which should be permanently replaced by Jack Armstrong. But I digress, basically Marty York don’t say things your fat fucking ass can’t cash. Stick to CFL you fucking pathetic excuse for a columnist.


  39. Angelo Varvouletos said

    With all due respect, Marty is a total tool, but I find him to be bang on as far as Swirsky is concerned. I think Swirsky is so phony. He used to defend Vince Carter to no end, even when he was dogging it at the end of his stay in Toronto. The only objective comments towards Carter came form Rautins on the telecasts. Swirsky is a big time kiss ass to his employer, and with word today that he is leaving the Raptors–I say good riddence.

  40. jim said

    Yorks’s a dork for knocking the swirsk. Chuck’s leaving us for family reasons only, so he says. He wouldn’t put career ahead of family… Although, he kind of did that when he took the Toronto job…But this time, it’s different! He’s sacrificing a lot to move back to Chicago. Although,…play-by-play guy for the Bulls sure isn’t chopped liver. Actually, this gig probably carries a lot more prestige than the Rap job. I think he’ll be an employee of ESPN which means the possibilities for chuck are endless. You’ll probably see him in a national position before long, which wouldn’t happen if he stayed up here…Boy, this is a great career move! How lucky for chuck that this came up at the same time as his family issues! Wow!But, whatever the reasons, chuck’s leaving us with a heavy heart, so he says… he loved it up here and everything about Canada; exept maybe the CFL. Chuck often said that the CFL should have 4 downs. That was kind of a disrespectful remark. That’s like saying basketball would be better if it was played on ice, with a puck and sticks…duh! He also didn’t like the fact that curling kicked b’ball’s ass in the TV ratings…”You gotta be kidding me!”… So I don’t blame him for ridiculing curling… I mean, what do we Canadians know about what’s good, eh? Come to think of it, he often complained that he had to endure endless hockey highlights before he could see any b’ball action. Imagine that… Canadians wanting to see
    a Canadian game played by fellow Canadians as a part of our Canadian heritage before watching basically the same dunk over and over… Well, chuck won’t have to put up with that crazy canook stuff soon, plus, he’ll be able to get all the cherry coke he can swallow! You jerk, Marty; we should all be thankful that chuck tried to show us the folly of our Canadian ways. But he sure knew his basketball…I think. It was kind of hard for him to give objective, intelligent opinion, being a raptor emoloyee and all. Sure, he was guilty of endless cheerleading and hucksterism, but hey, chuck was no dummy! You don’t bite the hand that feeds you!.. Anyway chuck, I hope you’re happy in spite of your sacrifice. You sound happy. In your newest blog on the bulls’ website, you were “happy to be returning to a world-class city.”… You’re such a jerk, Marty!

  41. Steven said

    I must be in the minority, but I really enjoyed Marty York’s work. I’ve actually met him in person and he’s very humble and unlike his strident prose. As for Chuck, I enjoy his energetic style of broadcasting but his radio show is substandard. Thanks to the author of this piece for agreeing with York that Swirsky is a homer/company man.

  42. Omar said

    Years ago everyone lambasted York for writing that Roger Clemens was coming to Toronto and also for saying that Rocket Ismail was going to the nfl. Guess what, he was right on both accounts. York’s past and current status is proof that he was surrounded by petty jealous hacks.

  43. Florch said

    This thread has gone on forever! A year and a half. Marty elicits strong feelings – he’s an editorialist, and he pushes everyone’s buttons. I didn’t like him at first, but he grew on me, like a literate Don Cherry of the CFL. I miss him doing the CFL on sportsnet. I think he was correct too often for his own good when it came to predicting trades – upsetting the CFL board of directors/owners. The other thing, I’m surprised about is people calling into question his ethics. I could never tell who his favorite team was, unlike Perry Lefko, Pat Marsden, Leif Petterson, Jock Climie et al. He was continually objective to a fault of upsetting people’s narrow view of reality. The world is a duller place without journalists like Marty daring to have an informed opinion, and doing a little deeper digging.

    On top of that, I wrote a letter to him at sportsnet once, and he replied quickly and sincerely. I do believe he’s a stand up guy with a real backbone.

  44. Mike said

    Omar, wow he got one right! But wait, look in my link, read the story and see this “How’s this for a partial all-star lineup: Willie McGee, Willie Wilson, Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan”.

    That story was written 1992, Clemens didn’t come here til 1997. So no, he doesn’t get credit for making up a rumour and 5 years later it happens to come true. I also saw last November that he wrote both Clemens and Pettite would be signing with they Jays for 08. Does he think anyone believes that garbage, that they would balloon their payroll by $40 Mil to sign to aging pitchers?

    And what is Marty’s status BTW? He works for the frikking Metro. He’s been run out of every REAL job he’s had because of his BS and no other reporter in Toronto takes him seriously. I guess everyone of them (McCown, Brunt, Blair, Smith, Swirsky, Griffin, Grange, Cox, Simmons-oh wait that one actually is but you get the point etc.) are hacks, but not Marty, right?

  45. J.T. Brazier said

    Dear Arsenalist:

    Stumbled upon your blog and and found some well written narratives and couldn’t agree more with your synopsis of Swirsky and York being complete and utter Twats, they’re both complete mindless windbags that serve no purpose. Thankfully one of them is gone, pussy whipped by his wife to move back to the US a nano second after he became a Canadian citizen, what a tool!

    I found your accolades for the Raptors throughly misplaced; what the f*3K has Colangelo done here?
    For that matter what did he do in Phoenix? Where were the Championships with all that talent. One could argue the Raptors have achieved more before he arrived including a deeper run in the playoffs. Colangelo, looks like and seemingly is a good salesman, but I’m not sold. Without his Dad, where would he be?
    The Raptors are not on Fire! They’ll be a 500 team or less this year.

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